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How to have a Happy, Thankful Guest!

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You can have a guest at anytime of the year. Though some times are regulated to the Holiday season for many. Some of us can only have days and some have a couple of weeks or more. If it is your place that family, friends or even someone who is unexpectedly needs a bed and meals you can have them have a cosy and inviting situation. Therefore you can put in place ways of how to have a happy, thankful guest. Count each guest that comes your way as a blessing and someone you can learn from and be generous to.

One of the first things that I think of when I think of being a guest was being at an Aunt & Uncle’s place down on the farm. How everything seemed to taste so new, good and different. So let me say this: one of the first things of note is to look at what you serve. Think of ways to make it an enjoyable food experience. Start as early as possible and look for easy recipes to make and be sure to check out the myriad of recipes Esme has on her site EsmeSalon.

Another thing to have but not essential: Have a guest book and you will see your guest/guests having a read of the comments of previous guests which comes to be quite interesting.

Now each guest will lay down for the night. Consider this in their bedroom/s:

Hearty Welcome Guest
Dear Guest – A Hearty Welcome Photo Credit Pixabay
  • Fresh sheets summer or winter style depending on the weather. Extra blankets at the end of the bed if extra cool. Remember we all have different body temperatures.
  • Pillows plus Extra pillows.
  • Towels, hand towels, face washers, cakes of soap – even shampoo. I have collected some often in small containers from Motels and use them for guests. I also have wet ones in the basket I organize for these, along with new toothbrushes, toothpaste and you can also pop in razors and feminine products as well (yes I have been asked for them on a few occasions). A notepad and pen.
  • In another basket, I also pop in some hearty muesli bars in case they want a midnight snack. Oh and some crackers and cheese – can’t forget those! πŸ™‚ I put in all types of edible goodies I can think of at the time.
  • Jug of water with paper cups. I often use a glass bottle instead.
  • Bedside lamps or torches for when they attend the bathroom at night.
  • A mirror – full length ie attached to back of door, or in the form of a dressing table or free standing.
  • A power board for extra electronic devices.
  • Organize showing your home’s Wi-fi network name and password.
  • Have a space for a suitcase and also hanging space for clothing.
  • Point out where your ironing board is in case they need to “rid a few creases”. Have available hangers and a place to hang them.
  • I have a spare small hair dryer that I also leave in the room.
  • I leave an assortment of books, magazines and I also have a spare Kindle with a huge variety of books uploaded.

    Guest bedroom
    Make your guest bedroom comfy and inviting so that you have one happy guest or two! Photo credit Pixabay
  • I treat my guests to more than Motel treatment – but I also do as Motels do and I have a set of local brochures and information on eateries in case they want to find out more about the local area.
  • A spare chair for them to sit and read.
  • I love flowers – and if I don’t have any blooming (I nearly always do) I will pop a green pot-plant in their room.

Other tips to making the guest happy and comfortable

When it comes to using the bathroom or showering – give good instructions about things that may not be the norm. We all have them. This button might be a bit loose. Don’t turn this tap off too tight, etc. You know the drill!

Show any details on how to use your Television and write them down if necessary.

Show your guest/s around the outside of the house and anything that they might need to know. Plus also around your neighbourhood and what they can look for.

Back to food again – do make sure and re-assure guests that if there is anything of the food that is different to their tastes – don’t be afraid to leave it and that you won’t be offended. And don’t be offended. We are all different and have some likes and dis-likes or health issues. Take it in your stride.

Don’t ever think you can’t learn something new from what guests may need. Ask them if there is something that they might need while staying with you. Tell them not to be shy – that you will be as helpful as possible to make sure they enjoy their stay.

So how to have a happy, thankful guest?

Be good company. Be a little well organized beforehand. Make reasonably easy meal plans. Don’t stress and you’ve got in in the bag!

Until later!

  • Make tomorrow more amazing than today!
  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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