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Indian Recipes

Tripe curry

Tripe or should I say Bottie curry Tripe curry 1 sliced large onion 1 grated large tomato 1 tsp ginger n garlic Salt to taste Gadra beans Tripe Sprig of curry leaf 1 tsp kashmiri chilli powder 2tsp bombay masala 1tsp tumeric 1tsp dhania n geera Few chillies Dhania Cinnamon sticks Bayleaves Oil 2 tsp … Read more

Creamy Vermicelli

Making a rich & Creamy Vermicelli, absolutely deliciously decadent Ingredients 1 fresh cream Sugar accordingly Fine vermicelli Almonds Fresh milk Vanilla essence Rosewater Butter Condense milk optionally Papad optional Saigo optional Elachie (Cardamom) Method Roast vermicelli till light brown, add butter and fry, add elachie and mix, add milk and cook on medium, add sugar … Read more