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Interested in doing a Guest Post?

Interested in doing a Guest Post?

Please let me know, by dropping me an email through (see contact form below), then we can chat via email.

Just some general information I would need from you:

  1. Please send me a full copy of the script (in a .doc format via email).
  2. Please attach all the attractive pictures you wish to add to the script (then I know where to post them) and attach them individually to your email in .jpeg format or any other picture format you use.
  3. Please add a picture of yourself as I would like to add that to the post as well (that is if you agree to it) and any intro/write up re your blog.
  4. Also, please remember to add all your social media links at the end of the post, that way the readers can connect with you once I published your post/s, i.e. Facebook page, blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and any other you may use.
  5. I only do a Guest Post-release once a week.  I have a schedule for Guest Posts, which will be on a Wednesday.  Once I receive your draft I can let you know the next date available.
  6. Once published, feel free to reblog, and please share it happily all over your social media outlets.  This will be much appreciated.
  7. No racist posts, porn, slander, or foul language (no offensive post).
  8. You can choose any theme, whatever you blog about for your article/post.
  9. I am looking forward to collaborating with you.

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