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Interesting Bloggers Picture Prompt 1

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Write a story, a poem, or a limerick inspired by the below picture, and join us here at Interesting Bloggers Picture Prompt 1.

Come and share your own story with us once you viewed the picture below.

As this is the first prompt, I will give you some ideas so you can get started and know where to go.

  • Write a story, poem, a limerick inspired by the below picture.
  • Or make a dish for the person wearing the shoe.
  • Or make a dish for the New Mom on the bed.
  • Be inspired by the prompt to draw or paint something that this picture evokes.
  • Maybe it gave you the idea to make a card to congratulate the parents on the birth of the baby.
  • Or make a hat or some baby bootees.
  • Prepare a cup of something delicious for Mom,
  • Or how about a paper flower or a heart for the parents.
  • What about your delicious favorite dish to celebrate the birth of the Baby.
  • Or will you make a scrumptious pie to feed Daddy and give Mom a break?
  • You may also prepare a meal or plate of food for the new parents to enjoy.

The picture prompt is there to inspire you, so let your fancy take flight share a post on your own blog, and link back to this post. For easy reference, use the below HTTPS link to link your blog post back to this post: and leave a comment below in order for others to know where to find your post on your own blog and then they will come and visit and check it out and spread some love.

You have two weeks from today, July 17, so up and inclusive to July 31st, to participate and link back with a comment in this post and it will be awesome if you also let us know in the Blog and Inspire thread that you participated and share your blog link there as well.

Picture credit: Ellen Best and her Blog and approved by her for use for this Prompt only.

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17 thoughts on “Interesting Bloggers Picture Prompt 1”

  1. Hi Ellen

    On Being a Mother

    How can so small a bundle of humanity
    evoke such passionate emotions?
    How can such a scrap of molecules, blood, flesh and bones,
    make me feel blessed beyond measure?
    Heaven is in my mind,
    in my heart
    and in my arms.

    Joy Lennick

    • Dear Joy, Thank you so much for your beautiful entry here on the picture prompt. Please let me know if I am permitted to add it to the FB group post, as I will only do it with your permission.

    • Hi Gloria, I have read your post, and left a comment on your blog. This is outstanding, and I truly β™₯ the ingredients indicated. As mentioned on your blog, yes we may have to adjust the quantities for each baby, but we for sure do need all and sometimes some extra trimmings. Thank you so much for participating and sharing your entry.


    A newborn is tightly snug in her embrace,
    Her belly swollen no more.
    Endearingly she desperately tries to look at his face.
    Yet he shows no interest, his brown leather shoes resting on a footstool.
    Could it be- That he is in a far-off place?
    This distance, this rejection seems impossible to erase.

    She is craving for him to bond with the infant,
    Yet he is so distant?
    She breathes in and he seems indifferent.
    How can this be happening? Are these thoughts she is imagining?

    His love used to be intoxicating
    Now all she feels is loathing
    Looking at that ugly brown shoe,
    She feels like she is suffocating.
    There’s no comfort, no support, she feels her heart almost palpitating.

    He is far off in a distant land.
    Oblivious to her needs, how can he not understand?
    This is our child, together we planned.
    The newborn needs her feed.
    Inside the mum`s heart bleeds
    The maternal instinct arises
    Looks deeply into her baby`s eyes.
    Tries to console herself.
    She realizes that her happiness is in her arms.
    A baby, so delicate, so pure.
    Who needs a man to feel secure?
    The baby looks at her lovingly
    Inside she is broken, yet this pain she must endure.
    But she manages to say I love you baby.
    This pain shall be no more,
    So, put those ugly shoes on the floor, and walk out that door.
    I have my baby- bonjour!

    • Usha, Thank you for submitting your entry. As mentioned I have submitted to the FB Group and already received great response:
      well done a super response to the prompt.

      • Yes, a mother’s love can conquer and stand the test of time in a lot of adverse moments. As you mentioned, it’s sad when a situation as depicted here does happen, but unfortunately it does.

    • Thank you so much for participating. Read your post and will share it today on my FB Blog Page. It’s absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for participating


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