Interview with Jennie Fitzkee from “A Teacher’s Reflections”

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Get your cup of coffee, then meet Jennie from A Teacher’s Reflections and enjoy the Interview with Jennie Fitzkee from “A Teacher’s Reflections”

All about your BLOG:
Tell us about you lovely BLOG.

What is the name of your blog and how did you decide on your blog name?

My blog is titled ‘A Teacher’s Reflections.  Thirty Years of Wonder.’  It was a natural title, as I wanted to write about children, my years of teaching, and what really happens in my classroom.

What prompted you to start on this blogging journey?

I have always been passionate about telling parents not only what happens, but why it is important.  I wrote newsletters to parents all the time.  They weren’t the typical teacher newsletter to inform parents of what was happening- they were newsletters to teach parents through the stories of what happened with their children.  And, parents loved them.  People urged me over the years to share my stories with a wider audience.  So, I took the plunge and started a blog.  I’m so glad!

To date, what blogging achievement/s are you most proud of?

It’s not the awards that I revere, it is my followers and what they have to say. I know I’m making a difference. A professor of Early Education and Care at Tufts University and UMass Boston has my blog as “required reading” for his students. Really. One of my favorite stories is of one of his students who was tired, and upset that she had to log on and read my blog. She told her professor that after reading the first two sentences she was hooked.

How would you describe your own blogging style?

I am a storyteller.  I take a moment in my classroom and tell all about it, with passion.  When I write about reading aloud, or discovering music, or painting like Monet, I tell the whole story of what happened.  And, there is always a purpose.  My posts are almost a suspenseful heart-pounder. “Inspirational” is what my readers say.

What excites you most about blogging?

I can’t wait to tell a good story, and blogging is my platform.  The excitement is pounding the keys with fireworks coming out of my fingers because I have something wonderful and important to tell.  I know that might sound melodramatic, but that’s how it is.  Just ask my hubby!

What platform do you use and why?

I use WordPress, not a self-hosted site. They have the tools and talent and support I need. I’m not a techy, so this works well for me.

What genre/topic/theme do you blog about? Do you ever deviate from that theme?   

I blog about how children learn, what happens in a preschool classroom, reading aloud, diversity, teaching, books, art, and music… all related to young children.  The times I deviate from that theme are my own childhood experiences.

How often do you blog per week or month?

I post two to three times a week. I don’t have a set schedule.

Do you have any wisdom or tip/s regarding blogging to share with us? 

Yes, I do. When you are writing, think of your readers. Write for your readers. Read your fellow bloggers posts and reply. A ‘like’ is nice, and a reply is nicer. We are a community.

Do you participate in linkup parties? How do you feel about it? 

No, I do not participate. It may be a good thing for some bloggers.

Interview with Jennie Fitzkee from “A Teacher’s Reflections”

All about YOU:
Tell us something about you, the real YOU.

What do you like to do other than blogging?

Teaching young children is my passion, particularly reading aloud.  I do chapter reading to ‘captive audiences’ which teaches the mind and the heart.  I love tending to my flower garden.  The beach is my dream vacation, but I happily settle for a pool here in New England

Where do you reside?

I live in Massachusetts, close to the New Hampshire border.

Are you an indoor or outdoor person? 

I’m really both. The older I get the more I enjoy the outdoors. My screened-in porch is my favorite room in the house, like bringing the outside indoors.

Do you still work, and if so, what is your trade/profession? 

I teach preschool full time. This is my 34th year! Making a difference in early education is so rewarding and important.

Or are you retired? If so, what do you do besides blogging? 

I haven’t retired yet.  When that happens, I’ll be writing books, tending to my house and yard, and perhaps a bit of traveling.

Do you wish to be 20-something or the age you are now and why? 

Definitely the age I am now!  A favorite line in a song I’ve always loved is, “Oh I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger.”  I feel I have the eyes and heart to really see, do, and perhaps make a difference along the way.

What makes your day a good and happy one? 

A good day is when something has happened in my classroom, even a small thing, and I have to rush home and pound away at the keys on my computer to write about it.  A bad day… not too many of those for this glass-half-full lady.  Typically it is when I am overwhelmed with too many things that have to get done.  I hate that.

Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Spontaneous, inspirational, funny.

Share with us 3 interesting facts about yourself. 

I was never read to as a child, yet that is what I now do.
I love your blog, although I am not keen on cooking, as I am a klutz and knock over, spill, and break nearly everything, so I give hubby the recipes.
I love to sing and dance.

Do you have any other tidbits to share with us about yourself?

My classes over the years have designed quilts that hang in museums, a Fisher House (look up Samuel Fisher-wow!) and the Massachusetts State House in Boston.  That is really something!  I am proud to have received a Teacher of the Year award a few years back.  My biggest pride is when my students return after they are grown to visit, share something, or just say thanks.

Last but not least:

Please share with us your social media links, in order for our readers to follow you!

Follow Jennie via Twitter: @jlfatgcs and Facebook

What are you waiting for I know you want to do it

What are you waiting for I know you want to do it

 I know you want to do the 20 + 1 Interview Questions I look forward to hearing from you! 

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