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Meet Orla from Fancy Paper through her INTERVIEW WITH ORLA FROM “FANCY PAPER”


All about your BLOG:
Tell us about your lovely BLOG.

What is the name of your blog and how did you decide on your blog name? 

I called my blog Fancy Paper Blog. Fancy Paper Collecting was a huge eighties craze in Irish national schools so it was sentimental to me. I also liked the idea of giving our family an alias- the Papers.

What prompted you to start on this blogging journey?

Writing is a dream for me. I needed something to keep my identity alive when I became a mother too- love being a Mam, but it almost takes you over if you let It! So I didn’t.

To date, what blogging achievement/s are you most proud of?

Making community friendships. I never thought it was possible to have a solid online readership- it felt too much like throwing a bottle in an ocean posting an article online- but it happened. This makes me proud!

How would you describe your own blogging style?

Personal. This would mean being pretty open, narrative, chatty, and somewhat humorous.

What excites you most about blogging?

Getting that idea pinned and written. Not letting the thought drift away but giving it purpose.

What platform do you use and why?

WordPress because that is how I started. I liked the layout

What genre/topic/theme do you blog about? Do you ever deviate from that theme?   

I am an untypical parenting and lifestyle blogger. I won’t give you ten recipes to blend baby foods. I could- but this is not what I do. I deviate to write about books or social issues- but is that deviation? It is all part of my lifestyle and being a parent.

How often do you blog per week or month?

I aim for a weekly post. I have about 100 drafts in the bag all the time too.

Do you have any wisdom or tip/s regarding blogging to share with us? 

I don’t read anything with too many pop-ups. Otherwise, it is the same advice I give my writing students. Being original may seem hard but being you isn’t- meaning you are original! If you don’t try to force it, people will read it. Watch your spelling!! Typing and writing can be very different. I have often gotten caught on typos.

Do you participate in linkup parties? How do you feel about it? 

Yes. I do a few from time to time. It can be fun and you might just make a new blogging friend – or it can awkward and fake and you would be better off watching Poldark. Like a real party! You need to be in the mood.

All about YOU:

Tell us something about you, the real YOU.

What do you like to do other than blogging?

Reading. I am an avid reader. I also love the theatre. I attend one drama festival yearly and it is a highlight. My family days out are big events too. We try to bring the girls to different places to walk and eat.

Where do you reside?

I live in the countryside in the Irish midlands. County Offaly to be exact. It is an area famous for peat bogs and the monastic site of Clonmacnoise. My husband runs a farm so plenty of agricultural scenery to be had.

Are you an indoor or outdoor person? 

I love pajamas o’clock so I love indoors. I also enjoy getting out and about. I like both cats and dogs so maybe I can have both…!

Do you still work, and if so, what is your trade/profession? 

I am a secondary school teacher (ages 12 upwards). I teach history and English. The best subjects.

Or are you retired? If so, what do you do besides blogging? 

I will cruise when I retire. That is for sure.

Do you wish to be 20-something or the age you are now and why? 

I like being 38. I am proud of it. I give less of a toss about other people and what they think. It is liberating.

What makes your day a good and happy one? 

Happy children. Clean house. A feeling of comfort.

Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Literary, patient and booby.

Share with us 3 interesting facts about yourself. 

I have hiked the Macchu Picchu trail in Peru. I was in Philadelphia on September 11th when the tragedy of the towers collapsing happened. My dad and his brother were the only two in an Irish family with seventeen years between them. My sister and I were the only two in ours with just a few weeks shy of twelve years between us.

Do you have any other tidbits to share with us about yourself?

 I am making my life about less and less in order to see the bigger picture. No one teaches that when you are young. It is all about make, make, make.

Last but not least:

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Name: fancypaperblog

Twitter: @fancypapergirl

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  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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