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Interview with Rachael from “Rachel’s Thoughts”

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Interview with Rachael from “Rachel’s Thoughts”

Meet Rachael from Rachel’s Thoughts


Interview with Rachael from “Rachel’s Thoughts”

All about your BLOG: Tell us about your lovely BLOG.

  1. What is the name of your blog and how did you decide on your blog name?
    The name of my blog is Rachael’s thoughts. I had toyed with a few names but decided because I don’t have a niche and write about whatever pops in my head this was a fitting name!
  2. What prompted you to start on this blogging journey?
    I had been thinking of starting a blog for about 18 months but hadn’t had the time to really get something set up – life was definitely getting in the way!  So what finally gave me the kick up the bum I needed was something I spotted on Twitter which got me really riled up. I pointed it out to a few people I know professionally on Twitter and was invited to write a guest blog post for a Public Relations website on the topic. I also wrote a couple of blog posts for my day job too. After that, I decided to stop putting it off and took the plunge to set up my own blog and here we are! I often get asked for advice in respect of my day job within the Public Relations world so some of my blog posts are aimed at helping others with knowledge I have gained and then the other posts as you’ll see are a mixed bag of beauty, food and other life advice I suppose whatever random thoughts I have!
  3. To date, what blogging achievement/s are you most proud of?
    I was nominated in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2018 in the Best Pal category which I was chuffed to ribbons about! I’m also really happy when I get lovely comments that my posts have helped people whether it is getting to grips with infographics or someone booking a holiday based on a review – this makes me feel so happy to help people!
  4. How would you describe your own blogging style?
    This is a tough question. I try to write about things I am passionate about and hopefully (sometimes) inspire other people. I don’t have a niche so I don’t fit neatly into a blogging box which I quite like as this is how I am in real life too!
  5. What excites you most about blogging?
    So many things. I’m still new to the world of blogging, having only started in September 2017 so I have so much to learn still. I love connecting with other bloggers and learning new things I can try for my own blog. I love finding new blogs to read and people to connect with. The blogging community has been so overwhelmingly welcoming and helpful to me which has been marvelous!
  6. What platform do you use and why?
    I use WordPress. I’ve used WordPress for websites in previous job roles so knew a lot of the functionality beforehand. I find it very user-friendly and the app is fantastic – being able to add pictures, make a quick edit or write a whole blog post on the go is amazing!
  7. What genre/topic/theme do you blog about? Do you ever deviate from that theme?
    As I’ve already said I don’t have a niche so no set genre topic or theme for me. Originally I thought I’d just write about communications and Public Relations tips and tricks but there is so much more to my passions and me than work so this felt too constrained as a theme. I write about what I’m interested in and hope others will be too!
  8. How often do you blog per week or month?
    I post twice a week – Sunday and Tuesday mornings. However, I write when I can. I tend to do a lot of blog stuff on a Sunday when my husband is busy prepping for the week ahead. I make tweaks to posts on my lunch breaks too which is why the WordPress app is so handy.
  9. Do you have any wisdom or tip/s regarding blogging to share with us?
    Connect with other bloggers you can learn so much from other people and I’ve found other bloggers super helpful if I’ve ever had a question or issue. Join Facebook groups for bloggers but find one that works for you. When I first started blogging I joined loads of Facebook groups and it was just unmanageable – I couldn’t do all of the link-ups or read through all of the posts and I found it quite stressful. I’m only in a couple now and that is much better for me. I am starting to explore other social media tools too. I schedule my tweets using Hootsuite – tagging retweet accounts in my tweets too. I am also trying to up my game with Pinterest and a few other social media pages!
  10. Do you participate in linkup parties? How do you feel about it?
    I do participate in a few every week such as Sunday blog share, Monday blogs, and Twitter Tuesday but only if I have the time to be able to do it properly. I never drop my link and do a runner that is unfair to everyone else

Interview with Rachael from “Rachel’s Thoughts”

All about YOU: Tell us something about you, the real YOU.

  1. What do you like to do other than blogging?
    I am an avid reader which is why my Kindle is never too far away from me. I read every single day and would be lost without a book (or my Kindle). I am currently training for the Great North Run with my husband so we are running together when we can which is tough but it’s lovely to be doing something like this together. I love spending time with friends and family too – especially if food is involved!
  2. Where do you reside?
    I live in a village about thirty minutes from Durham and Newcastle in the North East of England.
  3. Are you an indoor or outdoor person?
    It really depends. I’m not a huge fan of really cold weather unless I am well wrapped up as it really affects my chest – I do love going for a walk along the beach in the winter though. I had double pneumonia when I was 11 and my lungs are heavily scarred so cold air is painful to breathe in and I am susceptible to catching a chill. I like it when it’s not too hot outside (unless you’re on a beach holiday) where you can go for a nice walk without getting too hot and bothered! I do enjoy snuggling up on the sofa watching a good program with my husband though!
  4. Do you still work, and if so, what is your trade/profession?
    I work full time. I am a journalist by trade but now work in the field of Public Relations.
  5. Or are you retired? If so, what do you do besides blogging? 
  6. Do you wish to be 20-something or the age you are now and why?
    I’m in the last year of my twenties – I turn thirty in November. I don’t think I’d like to be younger now – I have my husband, a lovely home, fab friends and family, and feel very lucky. I wouldn’t mind being as thin as I was when I was in my early twenties though!
  7. What makes your day a good and happy one?
    A good day is spent with my husband – he’s my best friend – and either family or friends. I love food and having a good gossip so a nice meal or BBQ with my favorite people sounds like a good and happy day to me!
  8. Describe yourself in 3 words.
    Stubborn, loyal, and a cheerleader.
  9. Share with us 3 interesting facts about yourself.
    I’m not a very interesting person I’m afraid but I will give it a go!I can write 100 words a minute in shorthand. I had to learn Teeline shorthand when I was training to be a journalist. It’s a skill I still have as I use shorthand every day. I am a proud Geordie as I was born and raised in Newcastle. I love my city fiercely but I don’t support Newcastle United, I’m a Liverpool fan which I got a lot of stick for when I was at school.I’m a big daddy’s girl. After a long battle going through the court system, my dad was granted full custody of me when I was 11 and I’ve lived with him and my step-mam (and then later my brother) until I moved out for university and then properly when I moved to Lincolnshire. My dad is my hero and I really believe I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for him and my amazing step-mam.
  10. Do you have any other tidbits to share with us about yourself?
    I moved away from my beloved North East in 2013 to take up a reporter’s role for a newspaper group in Lincolnshire. I had planned to only be away for six months to a year until I could get a job closer to home. I didn’t expect to meet my future husband who was the Editor of a rival group of newspapers or that we would end up moving back to the North East a few years later together; or that I would ever live in a village! My life is very different to how I thought it would be but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Interview with Rachael from “Rachel’s Thoughts”

Last but not least:

  1. Please share with us your social media links, in order for our readers to follow you!

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What are you waiting for I know you want to do it

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