Kale, “biltong” Dried meat and egg bake

Kale, “biltong” Dried meat and egg bake  Tried Tested

6 eggs
1 stalk of kale
4 raw young asparagus
5-6 spring onions
½ – 1 cup grated cheddar cheese
½ – ¾ cup biltong
Spices (you decide), I used Aromat (to taste, remember as you have salty biltong, do not overdo it) and ½ teaspoon basil pesto

Wisk eggs, and cut up all the rest of the ingredients and mix well together.
Spice to your taste.
Pour into 2 greased ramekins and bake @ 400F till set and browned.
Add some extra pieces of ‘biltong’ at the end – before baking, just because you have some more and needed extra added to the dish!

Source: Esmé’s kitchen

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