Lamb Shanks

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2.5kg shanks (6 medium to large)
156 ml (1 tin) tomato paste
170g – 6 small to medium shallots (cut in half)
±2 tablespoons ground coriander
±2.5 – 5ml dried basil
±2.5ml dried rosemary
We love basil and rosemary, so if you do not want that much, feel free to use a bit less)
50ml brown sugar
±1½ tablespoons salt
500ml boiling water
750ml Sweet Shiraz (We used Jam Jar, but you can use any sweet Shiraz you can find in your area)

Fry shallots – set aside
Fry shanks and add spices as you go along. We fried the shanks it in two batches.
Then add the boiling water, wine and tomato paste and simmer at low heat.
After about 15 minutes, add half of the shallots to the pot then continue to simmer till shanks are soft. About 20 minutes before done add the remaining shallots and brown sugar, and cook through

Original source: sapromo
As usual, we use an existing recipe as a base and then modify it to our own taste, so the original recipe and what we ended up (above) have no similarity whatsoever.
TRIED AND TESTED but drastically modified by The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy)