LasagneTried Tested

I didn’t really have any measurements, I use my eyes to measure.

In a pan, Sautee a good bunch of chopped onions with crashed garlic and grated ginger.
In a different pan, stir 3/4 kg minced meat until all the defrosted water dries up.
Add the onions to the meat, keep mixing them together, add about a teaspoon of sage, and tarragon, i added some curry at this point… Add your tomato paste …

In a casserole add some of your meat and spread it nicely…arrange your pasta, sprinkle some cheese and some cream if you wish… do the same with the meat and the pasta.
Finish with a nice topping of cheese, cream or bitten egg.
Use 375degrees, 35min in the oven. And Enjoy!

Source, baked and posted by: Lucy Kimitta