Make gratitude a part of your life

Have you ever had something – then had it taken away? Or maybe hoped for something and that’s not what you received? Life is full of challenges but we often take for granted those things we do have. Maybe finding out how good having a grateful frame of mind is healthy will help you to find ways to make gratitude a part of your life.

Examples of life situations

I will use some of the examples of my life and maybe it will resonate with you or maybe you have had similar experiences.

A long time ago when in my 20’s I – (with my first husband) was a young homeowner. The aim in life was to own a home. We paid fully for our home before our 30’s. We also had spent a great deal on renovations. Life wasn’t too complicated.

Then the yearning was for children. Sadly – we had a badly handicapped child. The yearning then was for a normal child. Though we bonded with our first – she was blind, deaf, had no sense of smell or taste and could not even sense well – we were told. Apparently, she was the worst case in 30 years with her brain damage.  What could we be grateful for?

With my second child – I went through a dreadful illness which subsequently caused a handicap for our second child. It was a time of a “black hole”. What could we be grateful for?

After repercussions from my illness, I went through a divorce – a lot due to my perception of life and also my first husband’s perverse attitude and moralities. We learn. But what could I be grateful for?

I met my second husband when he was going through a “belly up” experience with his Company when large Companies did not pay. It led to his Bankruptcy while we were married. We were now no longer home-owners. What could we be grateful for?

My husband has had over 150 operations due to accidents, illness, and diseases. He now has a rare (1 in 25 in the world) rare cancer. What has he to be grateful for?

Now to the present for more superficial things. We both have values of leaving a place better than what you find it and as such whether a land agent or landlord appreciates us or not – it is our “thing”. Now although we are not home-owners through circumstance we want to be investors to be happy that “they came across us renters”.  Each landlord/investor have different expectations and we have been glad to have made firm friends with a few. Often our homes have been sold for private use and we would be on the move – but other times it is not so and we can have the benefit of a long rental situation.

So – in a certain situation – we had problems with the hot water and it ended up after a plumber’s declaration (without checking the water inside) with cold to lukewarm showers and cold water that had to be heated for the kitchen dishes. This for two cold winters. I must say we have only just now moved (this week) and although many times in winter I would say cold showers are good for you I am ever so grateful for hot showers! (and we now have a bath!)

What stories of seemingly negative things can you share that can be changed to have a “gratitude” bent?

Being grateful and reasons why it is good to make gratitude a part of your life.

Being grateful comes down to your attitude it seems. There is much we could be negative about or as Abraham Lincoln said: “We’re as happy as we make up our minds to be.”  According to “31 benefits of gratitude” you have better health, deeper relationships, better productivity to more happiness. Why would we not want to incorporate gratitude into our life – no matter what happens?

How to make gratitude a part of your life

One of the things I found with using my Faith (and others who find it outside that) is being thankful no matter what may cross my path. It is not easy if life-long habits are not turned into blessing-centered thinking.

Being positive is high on the agenda:

  • How can you uplift people or be positive if they are negative?
  • There are words of wisdom which say be slow to speak and quick to listen. This helps before putting negative thoughts out there rather than grateful ones.
  • Take into account that your thoughts bring feelings – so do take them into consideration with the Gratitude mindset.
  • Incorporate quiet moments in life where you can think of things to be grateful for.
  • Remember the more you practice gratitude – it increases
  • I keep pages dedicated to Gratitude in my journal to jot things down. Consider doing so.
  • Send communication of gratitude to people  – Things that you are thankful for – that they have done or exhibited to you. A blessing if you will.
  • Increase simplicity, relaxing and time out to enjoy our natural world.

Go and see what you can do to incorporate the positivity of gratitude. It affects your health for good!

Until later!

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