Marian Wood: Interview

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Marian Wood: Interview

The ups and downs of a working mum

2019: Wednesday Interview Series

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What superpower would you like and how will it benefit you or what will you do with it?

I would love to be able to teleport so that I could visit anywhere and see the world.  I would not have to sit in traffic and I could leave for work at the time I arrive. I could also use it to benefit others by collecting things in a hurry.  I would also no longer have to worry about narrow country roads or parking the car.

I would also like to be able to fly, I often dream about it, the freedom to soar like a bird.


How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

I’ve only been working on it 3 months but I hate to fail. The community around blogging makes a difference. So even though I’m sat alone writing I feel support from the community reading what I write.


What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

When you think you have written something really good and you don’t receive many comments. Also, the work surrounding promoting your blog.  Writing a post does not end at submitting as you want people to find it and read it.


In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?

I am hoping to one day get my book written.  My blog will help with promoting it.  I also feel that from writing my blog it is helping to develop my writing skills.


Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

  1. To continue writing short stories and poetry.
  2. To grow my following further
  3. Continue to improve my writing
  4. To hopefully make some money through it as an Amazon affiliate.
  5. To maybe get the first draft of my novel completed.


Marian Kids


What is the biggest difference in your life post-blogging?

At the moment writing my blog has been cathartic with my mum stress.  However, with all the time I have spent on it I have admittedly spent less time doing housework, the mum jobs and helping the kids.  I also have not read a book. My life has been manic.  Now at 100 days in, I plan to review my blogging schedule and not let it take over as much it has done.


How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers?

Currently, I have been actively posting daily but when not posting daily, I am sure I will still be checking the blog and communicating with followers every day.


Would you encourage other people to make their blog?

Yes, because if someone likes to write then writing a blog is a nice idea. The community of blogging also helps with the motivation to carry on.


A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money and a full-time job from their blog?

They need to do their research and consider their niche.  I have been advised that to succeed your blog needs to answer questions and advise.  It seems that blogging about blogging is a good one. Maybe travel blogging and finance. Many people seem to do sponsored work and freelance, which you would need a high domain authority for.  Those that make a lot of money from blogging appear to have either got lucky or they are qualified in something relevant to their blog enabling them to sell and promote their product through it.


Who takes the majority of your photos?

Me with my camera phone or tablet, so nothing special.


Marian Films


What are your 3 Favourite Movies?

I am a big fan of Jackie Chan. So,

  1. Drunken Master and Snake in Eagles shadow – both great films!
  2. Police Story 1
  3. Rush hour 1 – first Jackie Chan film that I watched.


When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Before kids and meeting my husband, it was to cuddle up under my duvet with a book.  Now it is a cup of tea and seeing and hugging my children.


Describe your personality as a flavor of ice cream.

Raspberry ripple as most of the time I am calm like vanilla, but I also know what I want and often determined to get what I want and get my own way.  That’s the raspberry ripple.


If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?

I would be a cat. I would have my food ready for me.  Nice home and an owner that lets me sit on them in the evening and maybe sleep on their bed.  During the day I will still have my independence to go out and roam but make sure that I avoid roads and cars.


Did you have any professional help or did you create the blog yourself?

My blog is mainly done by me.  It is hosted by Lyrical host and they have helped me with technical issues but the design and work is all me.

My blog About me


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2019: Wednesday Interview Series

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