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Meat Recipes

Curried Chops

Curried Chops for your next weekday dinner! You will love it for sure Ingredients: 500g chops. 1 onion finely chopped. 1 tsp garlic and ginger. 2 tsp masala. 2 tomatoes, peeled and chopped. ¼ tsp turmeric powder. ¼ tsp jeera powder. ¼ tsp dhania powder. Salt to taste. 1 green pepper chopped. Dhania for garnish. … Read more


I didn’t really have any measurements, I use my eyes to measure. Procedure: In a pan, Sautee a good bunch of chopped onions with crashed garlic and grated ginger. In a different pan, stir 3/4 kg minced meat until all the defrosted water dries up. Add the onions to the meat, keep mixing them together, … Read more

My famous pepper steak pie

250 g flour to 200 g cold butter pinch salt…just put in food processor…add little water to get it to a dough that comes away from the sides of the bowl…or add more flour if too sloppy. Knead it till smooth. Cling wrap and refridgerate until needed. Meat filling: Add diced up steak meat with … Read more

Glazed Gammon

Boil up 3 kg piece of gammon ( no bone in ) in water in a large saucepan. Cover the gammon with the water. Add pickling spice . 4 bay leaves, 5 whole cloves, 2 carrots, 1 quartered onion for 21/2 hours. Turn off heat. I left the gammon overnight in the water. Remove the … Read more

Roast Pork Belly

   800 g roast pork belly skin scored Rub with coarse salt, black pepper, 1 tsp dried sage, caraway seeds, olive oil, stuff slivers of fresh garlic into the diamond scores, sides and bottom of meat. Preheat oven to 180 C. Add 2 large onions quartered and 4 roast potatoes quartered and roast in oven … Read more