NaNoWrMo 2017 is Imminent. Are You Ready?

November fast approaches. Time to decide who’s in…. and who’s out. What are your thoughts and are you ready to buddy up?

via Thoughts on NanNoWriMo… — Fiction is Food

I recently put up a post on National Novel Writing Month (NaNWriMo) and thought sharing it here might reach people that might be participating and could do with a heads up; or maybe a few buddies to help support the main event.
If you fancy losing a month writing 50,000 words creating a novel or factual book and want to know more then hop over and join in the conversations.
If 50K sounds too much then join me next year in the smaller Camp NaNo events. These do run for a month under the same way, but you, the writer, set your own targets. If you’ve never done this before then these are a fabulous way to cultivate writing mojo and habits.

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