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It will be the opening of our new store, my birthday, Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday (all bundled together in one month)! 

Get yourself ready for an awesome special, coming your way for a limited period, ONLY November 22 – 30, 2020!

I have managed and sourced an incredible and wonderful 300+ page Workbook for you.  You will be able to snag one from the store at the Grand Opening (November 22 – 30, 2020) at more than a 50% discount!

I promise you; it is not a typo; I truly mean you will be able to grab this Workbook at more than a 50% discounted rate.  This will be a one-time special and will not be available again at the same price tag!   

The store will furthermore be packed with lots of other goodies, freebies, etc.!  You do not want to miss this event! 



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EsmeSalon on YouTube

Can you believe this, I eventually bit the bullet and have a YouTube Channel.

I have just started today, so I still have lots to do, but should you wish to take a look and give me your feedback I will be grateful.


Please feel free to sign up and watch this space for more to come.

Ivory Mix 

Hi all, Please do yourself a HUGE favour and check this out and act NOW

Kayla from Ivory has lots to offer.  You can sign up and learn her courses and you can also be a VIP Vault member and receive 70+ new content creations monthly, including photos, Canva templates, captions that convert and workshops. 

quote below what Ivory Mix does and stand for:

Ivory Mix is a Creative Visual and Content Creation Studio dedicated to empowering and inspiring digital makers, brave bloggers, flourishing brands, and social media marketers with resources, stock photos, and tips for growing, increasing their audience engagement and perfecting their content strategies.

Affiliate Link below!