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A loaf of bread covered with lines of seeds and called Cape Seed Loaf

Cape Seed Loaf

Cape Seed Loaf

For some or other reason (not sure why) I have an aversion to working with yeast, but I so badly wanted to bake this bread, as it reminds me of the yummiest bread I bought while still in SA, so I just decided, this is the end of this simple dislike, and that I have to bite the bullet and made it, and it’s the easiest of bread to bake, so I will do this more often!!!

Bok Choy with Bacon and Onion

Bok Choy

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Bok Choy with Bacon and Onion Ingredients 1/2 pack bacon, chopped (removed as much fat as I could), because everything is…

Salmon and Prawn frittata topped with an egg and milk mixture and baked

Salmon and Prawn frittata

Baked Salmon and Prawn frittata Ingredients 650g fresh salmon340g cooked prawns (let it defrost and pat it dry)Fresh parmesan cheese ½- ¾ cup milk5-6 eggs (Depending on the size)100g frozen…