Colleen’s Cauliflower Bake

Colleen’s Cauliflower Bake

TRH Colleen's Cauliflower Bake

Small head of cauliflower boiled in water until tender, drain and keep aside

Braise half an onion in some butter in a pan until transluccent
Add 2 cups milk or cream and stir
Add half packet knorr white onion soup and stir
Cook until nice, thick and creamy
Remove from stove plate
Put your cauliflower florets into an oven dish and pour sauce over
Add grated cheese over and into oven @180deg for 20mins or until cheese has melted

P.S. Ladies I had some country crop left so I added it with…enjoy

Prepared, tried and tested by: Colleen Heugh

Denzy’s Marinated chicken

Denzy’s Marinated chicken

TRH Denzy's Marinated chicken

1 chicken cut up in pieces
Chicken spice
Lemon and herb spice
Lemon Thyme
1 cup Mango juice
Half cup chutney
Half cup tomato sauce
20 ml spoons balsamic vinegar
20 ml spoons worcestershire sauce
20 ml spoons soya sauce
40 ml spoons honey
40 ml spoons lemon juice
40 ml spoons Brown onion soup Mix powder.

Spice chicken with chicken spice and lemon & herbs spices in a baking dish.
Mix together all the ingredients in a small bowl and pour over chicken.
Bake in a preheated oven at 180’c for 1 hour until chicken is brown and tender.

Prepared, tried and tested by: Denzel Koenana


Cheese and sultanas blintzes

Cheese and sultanas blintzes

TRH Cheese and sultanas blintzes

Crepe batter
3 beaten eggs
2 cups water
2 cups flour
Mix with a whisk till smooth. Cover and rest in fridge for half an hour.

1 cup cream cheese
1 cup rough cottage cheese
1/3 cup sultanas
3 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 egg

Mix all in the above together till well combined
Cover and rest in fridge for about an hour or over night.
Remove crepe batter and in a small nonstick frying pan. Spray by using cooking spray, and heat the pan.
When hot use about half a soup ladle and pour into pan and swirl round till bottom of pan is covered with mixture.
Cook till top is dry about 2 minutes then flip over for another minute.
Take crepe out of pan and place on a clean tea towel and cover. Repeat till all the mixture is used up.
Remove the cheese mixture from the fridge and place a tablespoon full at the top of the crepe roll. Roll once over then fold in sides and continue to roll. Repeat till all blintzes are done.
In a large fry pan heat some oil, and when oil is hot place a couple of blintzes in the pan and fry until golden brown.
Place on some paper towel to drain.
Serve hot or cold.

Prepared, tried and tested by:  Sadsac Sadsac posted to ‎Recipe Hunter Cook

Seafood Chowder

Seafood Chowder

TRH Seafood Chowder1    TRH Seafood Chowder2

Quick and easy made up as I went!
Serves 6

4 tubes calamari (or rings)
Whole baby squid (I like to fry them crispy)
Bag of prawns
Black mussels
2 fillets of white fish
2 fillets of salmon
2 cans of clams
1 small can of diced tomatoes
1 can clam chowder
1 can mushroom soup
1 large onion
2 celery stalks
2 large carrots
Chilli flakes to taste (I like the soup a bit spicy)
Black pepper

Defrost white fish and salmon and bake in oven – then cool off and back to fridge.
Put cans of soup and tomatoes in a large heavy pot and heat up.
In another pan put your chopped onions, celery and carrots in some olive oil and gently cook it until onions are cooked then add to the soup with some chilli flakes.
When the soup in pot is hot, put the calamari rings in; turn down the heat and simmer for a bit (don’t forget to stir the soup).
When calamari is tender, take off heat. (I let it cool off and put it in the fridge)
An hour before your guests come, take pot out of fridge and slowly re-heat.
Once soup is hot, add fish (cut into bite size pieces) mussels, clams and prawns.
Finish off with some black pepper.
Serve hot with baguettes.

Source, prepared, tried and tested by: Renee Matthee

Tomato Meatballs with Linguine

Tomato Meatballs with Linguine

TRH Tomato Meatballs with Linguine

Preheat oven to 180 C. Grease a deep casserole dish with a little oil
500 g extra lean beef mince broken up into bits in a large bowl
Add: – 1 medium onion chopped finely
1 medium Tomato finely diced
1 medium green chilli chopped ( for more heat, add extra )
30 ml Worcestershire sauce
25 ml brown vinegar
75 ml milk
1 tsp salt, black pepper to taste
1/2 tsp dried thyme, 1/2 tsp sweet basil
80 ml raw oats

Do not knead the mince just stir gently to incorporate all the ingredients.
Roll into medium sized balls, place in casserole dish and bake with the lid on for 20 minutes.
Remove casserole lid, and in a jug mix 1 packet Royco Cream of Tomato soup with
3 cups cold water and a good pinch of cayenne pepper.
Mix well, throw over meatballs and bake a further 25 mins.

Optional : After 20 mins add 1/4 cup grated mozarella cheese and 1/4 cup grated Ricotta cheese scattered over the meatballs.
Sprinkle some fresh basil leaves before serving
Cook linguine pasta according to packet instructions.
Add meatballs in tomato sauce into pasta. Serve with green salad

Yummy meatballs not my usual recipe but I was up for a change …. Enjoy!

Recipe: Liewe Heksie
Prepared, tried and tested by: Gail Haselsteiner