Quick & Easy Breakfast ‘Roll-Up’

Quick & Easy Breakfast 'Roll-Up'  Tried Tested

Something a bit more exciting than scrambled eggs and you get in some extra greens!

Sauté 2 cups of baby spinach in 1 tbs butter
Prep a small baking tray with baking paper
Whisk together 3 eggs
Pour into greased and lined pan
Add 50g grated mature white cheddar
Bake at 180C for 7 min
When it’s done, add the spinach and roll!

Tried and tested: Ingrid L Roseweir: Baked cheese & spinach omelette….with a little Epicure Roasted Garlic Aioli in the spinach and some ground Epicure Chives & Onion Sea salt in the mix

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