Rashida's Puff Pastry topped with Coconut and Almonds

TRH Rashida's Puff Pastry topped with Coconut and Almonds
Remove the plastic and roll like swiss roll, seal edges with water.
Cut and roll in rounds abt 1/2 cm slightly thick.
Deep fry in hot to med oil. Spoon oil over n keep turning till golden brown.
“”Do not press down with spoon””.
Drain well and spoon warm syrup over and top with coconut and almonds..
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
Boil till thick
Coconut and almond topping
1 cup coconut
3 tblsp sugar+-
1 tblsp sesame seeds
1 tsp fine elachi (cardamom) powder
1/2 cup chopped blanched almonds
Mix all together
Prepared, tried and tested by: Rashida Habib
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