Rikki's Enchiladas

Rikki's Enchiladas
OK, trying to see if I can pass the test.  This is from store bought ingredients and I use more cheese on the top now.
2 batches of 8 Green Chile Enchiladas
16 corn tortillas
1.5 lb ground beef (can substitute)
1.5 12 oz block of mild cheddar
1.5 12 oz block of Monterey jack
1 small onion (raw)
1 28 oz can of La Victoria “Mild” Green Chile Enchilada sauce (I had leftovers but this was the only size the store had in Mild flavor)
1.5 pack of Taco Seasoning (can use your own)
Brown and season the taco meat.
I brushed oil on one side of each tortilla and stacked them into a grocery store bag 8 at a time.
Close up the bag and fold it over.
Heat in microwave for 1 minute and let sit for an additional minute.
This makes them pliable for rolling. (I highly recommend this over frying)
Once I could handle the tortillas I laid them out to roll.
If you have space it is great to lay them all out at once.
However I laid out three at a time.
I filled every other one differently. 1st tortilla onion/beef/cheese, 2nd tortilla onion and cheese and so on.
Once the dish was full I used a spoon to generously cover each tortilla with green chile sauce.
Making sure to cover the ends so they would not be crunchy.
I warmed my oven to 500, as the recipe I followed said to only leave them in the oven long enough to heat through no more than 4 minutes.
He was right! Any longer and they may have become mushy.
I am definitely not a recipe author so if you have questions please ask.  Thank you so very much.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Rikki Thompson
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