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April 2017 Share and Inspire Others! – Green Leafy Vegetables

April 2017 Share and Inspire Others! – Green Leafy Vegetables

TRH Leafy Greens
April 2017 Share and Inspire Others! – Green leafy vegetables thank youto all our participants who shared their most awesome and wonderful Green leafy vegetables recipes with us.

Without further ado, I present you with our April 2017 Share and Inspire Others! – Green leafy vegetables All participants, have time from now up untill midnight April 20th, to Promote and do a post/reblog on your own blog, linking back to this post with a pingback.  Thank you!Posted in order of emails received:

Spinach & Cottage Cheese pops courtesy of Lin’s RecipesTRH Spinach & Cottage Cheese pops

Palak/ Spinach chapathi/ roti  courtesy of cookwithsmileblog
This is one variety of chapathi packed with nutrients of spinach.TRH Palak Spinach chapathi roti
Methi leaves/ fenugreek leaves stir fry courtesy of cookwithsmileblog
This is an easy and simple stir fry. Methi leaves are known for its nutritional value. It’s rich in vitamins, proteins, calcium. Hope you all try this.😃TRH Methi leaves fenugreek leaves stir fr
Palak panner/ Cottage cheese in spinach gravy courtesy of cookwithsmileblog
This is a gravy with whole goodness of spinach along yummy panner. This goes well with some hot rotis/ paratha.
TRH Palak panner Cottage cheese in spinach gravy
Ponce de Leon, Diamond Lil, and the Secret of Eternal Youth courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
TRH Ponce de Leon, Diamond Lil, and the Secret of Eternal Youth
Greens Combo Salad courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
On one of my visits to sunny Georgia (a country, not a state), I saw two salads on the table crowded with many unique vegetable creations. These two, however, looked very similar to each other, but different colors. One was completely green. The other – oh, the other! – it was wonderfully green and red and purple. Both were flecked with crushed walnuts, as are many other Georgian dishes, and garnished with lots of dill. Having waited out the obligatory twenty-minute toast in honor of visiting journalists (i.e. my cameraman and myself), I politely inquired.
TRH Greens Combo Salad
Perfect Kale Salad courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
A nutritionist friend once told me that perfect food had to combine four flavors: sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. “Take, for example, simple kale,” she said
 and her phone rang. She had to leave urgently, to consult someone who, apparently, haven’t learned all the principles of perfect food yet.
TRH Perfect Kale Salad
Mangold Pasta – Feel Like a Roman courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
I like browsing through recipes online, especially Russian and Ukrainian ones where I sometimes derive comfort from finding old favorites and often learn something new. That’s how one day I came across Mangold Salad. It looked interesting, so I googled it – in English
trh Mangold Pasta – Feel Like a Roman
Mint rice courtesy of Indian kitchen
Mint/Pudhina rice is a flavourful rice dish. Fresh flavour of mint and coriander leaves makes this dish so yummy. I love the soft Potatoes and green peas cooked in mint paste. This is an easy and instant rice recipe that I prepare often.TRH Mint rice
Methi Leaves Curry / Vendhaya Keerai Puli Kuzhambu courtesy of Indian kitchen
Fresh bunch of methi leaves along with shallots and tamarind makes this SouthIndian delicacy a fingerlicking one.
TRH Methi Leaves Curry Vendhaya Keerai Puli Kuzhamb
Mint Chutney courtesy of Indian kitchen 
Mint chutney is one of my favorite.Piping hot Idli with mint chutney is perfect combo.
TRH Mint Chutney
Spinach Salad Meets Luxury courtesy of Real Life of an MSW
I had to read the sign twice- $1.00! One couldn’t beat that. With a quick glance at the expiration date, which was three days away, I knew my dinner problems would be easily solved over the next couple of days.Processed with MOLDIV
Mixed Greens Meet Fruit courtesy of Real Life of an MSW
The main ingredient was a dollar- when the last time you had a healthy meal for $1? Tonight I decided to go with mixed greens from tart to almost sweet, from crunchy to melting. You want them all in this salad. This salad can be made a million ways.Processed with MOLDIV
Swiss chard galette courtesy of thehappiestpixel
Hey pixels!! Do you remember our swiss chard soup? A new swiss chard recipe is here now: I’ve used the yummy leaves to create an amazing galette!! Just a few ingredients and less than 60â€Č cooking to have this wonderful galette, perfect for your next brunch.TRH Swiss chard galette5
Easter pie, torta pasqualina courtesy of mad & delicacy
The torta pasqualina is a traditional pie from Liguria, a wonderful region by the sea in North-west Italy. This pie is made during Easter time when the days are getting warmer and sunnier, and people enjoy having pic-nics outside bringing their home-made food to share with friends.
TRH Easter pie, torta pasqualina
Hello, Stranger, Have Some Soup! courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
Passover starts tonight, and the most important part of the celebration is called a Seder which means order. The order is prescribed in a little book called Haggada that we read at the table. The most important part of that is called Maggid which is the actual story of redemption and exodus from Egypt.  And the most important part of the story, repeated several times, is an admonition to share the holiday meal with a widow, an orphan, and a stranger because “you were strangers in a foreign land.” The same admonition is found in many other Biblical and Talmudic sources.
TRH Hello, Stranger, Have Some Soup!
Es’s Roast Chicken with Tarragon and Lemon, served with Kale and Spinach courtesy of The Recipe HunterEs_s Roast Chicken with Tarragon and Lemon, served with Kale and Spinach
Melanie’s Braised Cabbage and Potato courtesy of The Recipe HunterMelanie_s Braised Cabbage and Potato
Moumita’s Simple Spinach curry courtesy of The Recipe HunterMoumita’s Simple Spinach curry.jpg
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