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Side Dishes

Roasted Avo Slices

  Roasted Avo appetizer ½ Avocado per person (or if you prefer slices) Olive Oil Paprika, salt and pepper Pre-heat your oven to 200C. Cut the avo’s into half. Paint some olive oil over the avo with a kitchen paint brush and season with paprika, and or any spices you prefer Roast for ±10 minutes … Read more

Savoury Basmati Rice

   Cook up 1 cup basmati rice in salt water according to packet instruction. Wash rice and steam for a few mins. In 2 tbsp butter, fry a small red onion, 2 cloves minced garlic, chillis, green pepper, red pepper, 1/2 punnet mushrooms. Spice according to your palate. I spiced with paprika, salt, black lemon … Read more

Hollowed out potatoes with filling and grated cheese

Baked Eggs Bacon Potato Bowls

Baked Eggs Bacon Potato Bowls with grated cheese Ingredients: 4 large potatoes4 small blobs of margarine4 eggsCrumbled bacon or leftover sausage thinly sliced (or any other meat you have available)Shredded cheddar cheeseFresh spring onion, finely choppedFresh ground black pepper Method Cook your potatoes till soft, but not overly so, as you still need to be … Read more

Potato Fritters served with tomato sauce

Potato Fritters

Potato Fritters served with tomato sauce Ingredients 1 potato peeled grated½ onion grated1 egg1 cup plain flour1/2 tsp salt and ¼ pepper1 cup of cheese Method Combine potatoes and onion with egg in a bowl.Add flour slowly until the mixture comes together.Add cheese, salt, and pepper to taste.Cover base of a frying pan with oil … Read more

Rice Patties baked

Rice Patties

Rice Patties Ingredients 2 cups of white rice4 cups vegetable stock4 eggs1/2 cup shredded cheese of your choice1/2 zucchini, finely chopped2 tablespoons seasoning saltpepper to taste2 cups breadcrumbs1 tablespoon Italian dried seasoning Method: Bring the stock to boil in a large pot. Reduce the heat and add rice. Keep covered and cook slowly until all … Read more