SIPB Map Instructions – Add Yourself to Our Map

We would love to have you come and join and participate in our Facebook Group – Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers.  We are also launching our SIPB Map Instructions – Add Yourself to Our Map then each of us can see in which neck of the woods you are.

Here is the URL to the Map:

Show us where you are on this Map

Step by Step Instructions

To move around the map, simply CLICK and HOLD and DRAG your mouse around on the map. The standard resolution for viewing is 500 km/300 miles but you can zoom in and out by using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons or by using your scroll wheel on your mouse.


Follow the link.

Start off and click “X” in the top corner to close the popup screen

Now click on the Icon ABOVE the Text Icon

Scroll to almost the bottom of the various Icons


Now close the “Select a Marker” box by clicking on the X in the corner of the box

Choose the LOCATION on the map where you live and CLICK to drop your Person.

Remember, you can move the map using the mouse by clicking and holding and dragging the map around

If you make a mistake, read the end of the instructions on how to correct!

The next step would be to CLICK on the EDIT Icon ABOVE the Trash Can

 CLICK on your ICON then CLICK on the LINK tab that opens on the right side of your computer screen


HIT/CLICK on the word SAVE beside the Edit Icon ABOVE the Trash Can on the left side of your computer screen

If you click on your newly created Icon, you will see your name and city show up.

Click on the X in the Name box to Close the box

Reset the Resolution to 500 km/300 mi by either using the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons or the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Save the Map by clicking the SAVE button at the top of the computer screen

To view WHO is WHO on the map, simply click on any RED ICON to get the person’s name and city. Click the X in the Name Box when done.


If you make an error at any time, just CLICK on the mistake, then CLICK on the EDIT icon above the Trash Can.

CLICK on your mistake and it will disappear, then CLICK the word SAVE beside the Trash Can. Voíla…mistake is gone!

If you have any problems with using these instructions and would like assistance, please contact Moderator Pamela Jessen, and she would be more than happy to either help you or add you to the map.

Last Update: Monday, September 12, 2018

Should you need more information on our SIPB Facebook group, I invite you to visit my Blog and click on the SIPB Page and you will find a drop-down with various folders.

You can also participate in our SIPB Birthday List as well as SIPB Members Info and fill out these two documents.

You will also find AN EASY FLIPBOARD GUIDE FOR BLOGGERS with easy to follow instructions.

We will highly appreciate it if you see your way open to add our SIPB Badge to your blog and link it back to the FB group.  Happy blogging all my Blogging buddies!

SIPB Community Member Logo

Esme Slabs created the group Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers on 8 February 2018

Moderators in Alpha order:
1. Ellen Best
2. Pamela Jessen
Peabody Amelia


Please note, that this information is solely for the benefit of members of SIPB, will not be sold or shared, and will not be used for any other purpose than having fun here at SIPB.

Thank you for being a member and participating and showing us which neck of the woods you inhabit.

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