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Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers Facebook Group is a bunch of friendly bloggers dedicated to Sharing, Inspiring and Promoting our Blogs, created by Esme Slabs and assisted by a Moderators Pamela Jessen and Peabody Amelia.

SIPB Moderators

Tinylovebug EsmeSalon


This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see our full disclosure for further information.


Please, may we respectfully ask that all members be sure to participate a minimum of two to three times a month! If you can do more, so much the better for you as this will provide more exposure to your blog and other social media and a way for us all to get to know you better.

This group has been brought together for us all to make new and existing connections better, by commenting and sharing our posts and blogs we enjoy.

Each day we post a new opportunity for you to share and discover and all posts will remain open for 48 hours. I share a weekly ‘program’ and it can be found under the “ANNOUNCEMENT” feature in order for you to see which threads we deal with in the upcoming week and thus helping you make sure that you schedule your participation accordingly.


We have two SIMPLE SIPB Membership Group Rules:

1. For each link you share, please check out and support at least 2 others.

2. Please keep your shares and links within the comments of that day’s thread.


Together we can and will build a loyal and supportive group where we can share our individual expertise and knowledge, and we all bring something unique to this group, that we can share on the days that the schedule depicts.

As a group, we do not tolerate discrimination or abuse of any nature. Also, this is not a marketplace, and dropping of links on days you are not invited to do so, will result in exclusion from the group, as will spamming, trolling or any other unsavory act.

Should you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to PM me, your host, Esme Slabs directly.


We have the following files where you can add your information


  • SIPB Members Info – found at the following link: we have encountered problems with Facebook restricting and only allowing 200 links in this type of document, I moved this file over to my blog, so please leave your information as a comment and I will be happy to update the list as soon as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience, this may cause, but this is the only way I could find to still continue and build out this wonderful SIPB Members Info document. Thank you for your understanding, support and help.


  • Our SIPB Birthday List – found at the following link: Document*** You need to work from your Laptop or Desktop to update the files! Unfortunately, you will not be able to do this from your Mobile/Phone.
    • In the very top right corner hit “Edit doc”
    • Add all your information.
    • Scroll down to the very bottom
    • Hit Publish Update


  • The SIPB World Map – Please follow the directions verbatim, if still unsure, just leave a comment below with the city, and country and admin will be happy to pin you on the SIPB map.
    You will find the full instructions on how to 📍 yourself to Our Map at


  • Last but not least, we have our SIPB Badge, and it will be highly appreciated if you care to add this to your blog and so promote our group to your fellow blogging buddies.
    You can find the how-to at the following link:


SIPB Community Member Logo

Please INVITE and ADD your fellow bloggers to join us and let’s share and help each other.


Thanks for reading the rules, but do not stop here, as you will find the most crucial piece of information below in order to be approved to join the SIPB Facebook Group!


If you would like to be accepted into the group, you will need to provide the secret answer when prompted.

Why did I choose the name “Esme Salon”, as it has nothing to do with a hair salon or beauty salon?  Well, I decided on EsmeSalon as this is in tandem with our weekly Linky #SeniSal at the Senior Salon

So when prompted, here is the secret answer to the question: #SeniSal

Why should a group have rules?

If unable to follow rules, then any platform will fall into mayhem, and it is not acceptable.  So please, as listed above, may we respectfully asked for your help and co-operation to make this a fun and happy blogging place for all.

Blogging help and #Afflink

Should you look for any blogging related information on how to legally set up your blog, I am an affiliate and you can check all the various courses over at TinyLoveBug

I have nothing but good words for the TinyLoveBug courses.  I have worked through the GDPR Compliant Blog course, and refer to it on a constant basis. Had it not been for this course, EsmeSalon will not be compliant and may have been subjected to fines or being sued.

TinyLoveBug courses are the best I have come across and will continue to use and recommend them to all those that wish to listen and get help from THE BEST as it has helped me tremendously.  I am suitably impressed and will remain a client for a long time as TinyLoveBug truly goes the extra mile to ensure they have up to date information in their courses. I couldn’t have asked for more and I have learned a whole lot of new things and will be back for more courses in due course.

I have also worked through and used the Affiliate Disclosure Template and am an Affiliate for TinyLoveBug which is just fantastic. I have also enrolled in the Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track FREE Course and Pinterest for new bloggers courses and am chomping at the bit to get started and learn more from the TinyLoveBug gurus.

With their help, I can now grow my blog to the next level after years of struggling and not knowing what I was doing. From the first day, they were very helpful and answered each and every question I asked.


Holding hands

Tinylovebug EsmeSalon #afflink


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