Sneha's Coffee Canape Mousse

Sneha's Coffee Canapee Mousse
Delicious creamy Canape mousse 
3 Bread slices (round shape)
1/4 cup Vanilla flavored Whipped cream (with some Powdered Sugar)
1/4 cup Grated Chocolate
1-2 tsp Coffee powder
1 tbs Chopped Nuts (cashew, Walnut)
Vanilla flavored sweet Whipped cream piping bag
1/4 cup Sweet Whipped cream with Chopped fruits (apple, cucumber, pomegranate seeds)
You can adjust the sweetness of cream according to taste
If you want, you can spread the grated chocolate on every layer
First of all toast the bread slices on low flame.
Add 1/4 cup of whipped cream in a bowl with coffee powder, fill this in a piping bag
Place the dry fruits in the bottom of glass
Spread the vanilla flavored sweet cream evenly
Place the one slice of bread and press carefully
Make a thick layer of mix fruit cream
Sprinkle some coffee powder and Greater chocolate
Place the second slice of bread and then make a thick layer of coffee flavored cream
Add a third slice of bread and press carefully, then make a thick layer of Coffee cream
Garnish with lots of grated chocolate and a chocolate biscuit.
Serve chilled
Have Fun & Happy Cooking😊
Prepared, tried and tested by: Sneha Satish Tiwari
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