Quantities: depending on how many people you wish to feed.
Baby marrows
Snap peas
Spring onions
Baby corn
White Onions
Slivered meat – we used left over fillet from a previous meal
Fresh Coriander

Serve with cooked rice or Chinese noodles
Chop or shred all the veggies and thyme in the sizes you prefer. You will notice that we did julienne strips or finely chopped the veggies, but as mentioned do what you like.
Roll the meat in corn flour, salt and pepper. Fry the meat lightly.
Keep aside and then add the veggies bit by bit and fry till done, but it should still be firm. Scoop out of pan/wok and continue with veggies in this manner till all fried.
Now combine all veggies and fried meat strips in the wok together with a very generous portion of fresh chopped coriander.
Serve with soy sauce or if you like dish up only with rice/noodles and stir-fry.

Source: The Recipe Hunter – brother from AUS

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