Sunday Brunch

TRH Brunch1  TRH Brunch2

Well, how do one write out a recipe for this one??
OK, let’s try this …

1 Ciabatta bun – toasted
Butter each half
Add some bacon bits on one for hubby
Use some left over turkey from your Easter meal (for myself), cut or break into fine shreds.
Mix with a teaspoon of mayonnaise and sprinkle it with some fine rosemary and aromat for some extra flavor.

In the meantime, hubby prepared the eggs.  Place some VOO (virgin olive oil) in your pan, brake the eggs into the heated pan, and as soon as they start to set, mix it slightly and flip it over till you get it just as you prefer.  We like it still to be on the soft and moist end of the scale.

Scoop it out on top of your own sandwich and enjoy with a cup of coffee.
Bacon one for hubby,  and the turkey one for myself.

Source:  Own creation
Prepared, tried and tested by The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy) and hubby.