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Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet

Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet




This is an open invitation to all bloggers from any niche, so please leave us a comment and tell us a little about yourself, and yes, we want you to leave us a link to promote and showcase your own blog.




I created a special platform on twitterfor our Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet. When you tweet please remember to add:  @SundayMeetGreet  or @TRH_Cook and I will RT.

You can use any link of your choice.  You may wish to direct us to

  1. your most favorite post
  2. your most recent post
  3. an older post you want to give some extra love
  4. or your blog in general
  5. or even your About page.

That way we can all check out your blog, learn more about you and your blog and grow together.

Another option would be instead of a link to your blog, you may wish to share one of your other social media links, i.e.

  • twitter
  • Facebook
  • pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Flipboard-icon
  • stumbleupon etc
  • or any other Social Media platform you use

but only ONE link per week will be permitted, even if you have more than one blog or social media platform.

You are also encouraged to participate weekly, or as often as you can, because the more you participate (the more you can showcase your various platforms and posts), and the more exposure you will have and thus more new friends will be able to engage and visit you.

In return, when leaving a link per week (any platform), you HAVE to visit a minimum of three (3) other friends that left a link that day.

Please, NO link-dropping and disappearing.

We are all adults and this should be a fun way to grow together, and I do not want to spy on any of you to see that you did reciprocate by visiting others and doing your part. 

I trust you all, but please make sure that you can adhere to the rules of the Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet, and you have to make it clear that you did participate by liking or leaving a comment on the link/post in the comment/s you visited.

Now go and read all those awesome posts, and share as many as possible on any/all your social platform/s.

I am only listing a few, i.e. those I am connected with, but if you have other platforms, go for it, and share it there as well.  The more the better and I am sure all the participants will appreciate it!!  Sharing is Caring!!

Go, go, go and share away ontwitterFacebookpinterest , InstagramFlipboard-icon, stumbleupon , even reblog or Press This post.  If you feel generous, do all of the aforementioned. 

If you are unable to participate any given week, then please do not leave a link as we will have a Weekly Meet and Greet linkup every Sunday.

I hope and trust that this will encourage readers from other blogs, to follow you, read your awesome posts and vice versa and an opportunity for us to follow you, get to know each other and grow together.

I am eagerly awaiting your comments and links!

By joining and participating here on Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet, you automatically grant your permission that I am permitted to share your posts and images on social media.

Please spread the news of
Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet
on your own social media in order for more bloggers
to participate and join us!

Thank you in advance ♥

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