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Guest Post

Raindrops and starfish on seashore

How to Be a Good Friend

Many times in life you will understand the benefits of a good friend. Also to have even more than one. Sometimes however, being a good friend is not so easy.. I have often heard a couple of home truths that have made me sit up and think. How do I become a good friend to different people? What if your chosen friend is not practicing traits in life that you have but….. Maybe they are quirks that you have to deal with in each of your personalities? How do you practice being a good friend in harder situations? 

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Star fish on sea shore and raindrops on diagram with Love doing Life Business

SEO: A Novice Blogger Asks Sir Google

There seems to be a great deal of information on the net about SEO and what it can do to help your blog be “found”. I call myself a Novice Blogger (when can we stop learning??) and I will call Google “Sir” – since he surely does oversee plenty of organic search transactions in our information age. I will play Sir Google’s parts as I imagine he might possibly answer my SEO questions.

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How to actually chill so you don’t burnout!



Do you feel you’ve got heaps to do and the “mountain” of work or items to attend to are getting more than you can handle?


You could be facing burnout! Do you not know what to attend to first and get stressed at the thought? You could be facing burnout! Do you know how to actually chill so you don’t face burnout? Lets have a look at what you can do.


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