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1 Thursday Tips Tricks and Thoughts are here!

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1 Thursday Tips Tricks and Thoughts are here, and I truly hope that this will be beneficial and helpful!

I have been pondering this idea for a week or so (after some input from a fellow blogger) and would love to hear from you all and get your feedback. Please may I ask for 2-3 minutes of your precious time, to drop me a note in the comments and let me know your thoughts?

By doing our weekly InLinkz post (on a Monday), you all know that I usually added some tips, tricks, and ideas to those posts. You will have seen that #159 Senior Salon ONLY dealt with the Linkup and nothing more, so now we have a separate post and I wish to share with you Thursday Tips Tricks and Thoughts are here!

If you have any questions or would like to hear about anything, in particular, a blogging-related issue or something similar, please leave a comment on this post, or if you prefer feel free to send me an email to Esme regarding Thursday Tips Tricks and Thoughts are here! I am all ears and would to connect with you in the comments or via email as this is for YOU.

So, withouth further ado, I wish to share with you some great news: 

- BC Stack will be here soon
- An awesome and incredibly useful course: Blog Bundle Course
- A planner which will be so helpful in your business, 
- Google Update news (very important)
- I am also highlighting a blogger, and will do it on a weekly basis.  

BC Stack 2021 Kickoff

Hi all, This is the biggest news ever. I just received an email from the organizers that BC Stack 2021 will be launched soon.

Now, if you’re interested to promote the BC Stack (and get early access to it and also make some extra $ by promoting it to your own followers and on Social Media), then you need to send me your name and email address at your earliest convenience, and I will pass it over to the organizers and they will get in touch with you with the rest of the details.

I emailed them and they informed me that the BC Stack will be launched on June 13th – 19th so if you’re interested to become an affiliate, get in touch with me sooner rather than later.

I will keep a list of all interested and send it out to them on Tuesday, April 27th, so please get in touch with me at your earliest convenience. You can drop a note in the comments together with the best email address you have and wish them to use to email you with the details, or should you rather prefer you can also email me at Es*******@sh**.ca with Subject Line: BC Stack 2021 participant.

See all the details below, and yes you can access all 65 Digital products for a mere $39.00 when you sign up now. What do you think, I know, this is an insane and incredible deal, and you will not find that anywhere else. So why wait? Let me know and once I have your information I will pass it over to the organizers and they will be in touch via email, but I need your name and email address no later than Tuesday, April 27th.

  • Dates June 13th – 19th
  • 65 Digital marketing products: courses, classes, tickets, software, books
  • Sales 10,000 expected
  • Price $39
  • $21,000 in bonus cash for affiliates

Blog Bundle Course

Keyboard with the words TIPS on the keys

This isn’t just an overview of how to set up your site, this goes way deeper than only superficial and scratching the surface.

Here the course creator will take you deep down and help you every step of the way.

  • Theme: How and where to find a theme and then add it to your blog.
  • WordPress: How to navigate and make the best of it
  • Content: How to write the best content and make sure that it will rank on Google
  • Google: You will have to connect your site to Google, now how do you do this? How do you read the reports and you will have to learn what terms you rank for
  • Printable freebies: This is an incredible opportunity to learn how to make those awe-inspiring and well crafted printable freebies
  • Schedule and daily blog planning: You will have a lot of tasks to juggle when starting out on this blogging journey! What’s the best way to plan your day so you know what to work on every day.

Work At Home Binder 

Looking for an awesome planner to help you stay on track, then you may wish to have a look at the Work At Home Binder as it’s an incredibly well laid out and great addition to blogging.

  • Organize your business with easy lists.
  • Keep track of business growth.
  • Set up your business brand.
  • Log all your blogging tasks.
  • Help manage your home and family.
  • Beautiful wall art and adult coloring pages.

Blogging tips

Core Web Vitals

7 Tips to Improve Your Core Web Vitals Scores & Page Experience Signals

If you missed out on the previous SeniorSalon Post, and wish to know more, you can read more on Google Core Update including the Google Core Web Vitals and as already mentioned, if you need any help regarding Google Core Update including the Google Core Web Vitals, please get in touch with Meghan Nicholas, via her email: me****@me*********.uk" aria-label=" (opens in a new tab)" rel="noreferrer noopener" class="rank-math-link">me****@me*********.uk and ask her to help you.

Blogging Tips from a fellow blogger!

Hugh’s Views & News

Looking for awesome blog posts to read and also in line with Tips, then visit 6 Recent Blogging Tips Posts That You May Have Missed.

Please help me by providing your feedback on Thursday Tips Tricks and Thoughts are here!

I hope this will be of help to you all! This series is all about you and how I can serve you better, so please get in touch with me. This is your opportunity to help me and serve you better!

PS: Do not forget to email me your name and email address for BC Stack

Please take a moment and provide me with some feedback as I would love to make this as beneficial to you all as possible, and the only way would be if I hear from you and get your input and feedback, so please talk to me.

Thank you in advance.


  • Make tomorrow more amazing than today!
  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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My goal is to provide the best homemade recipes that are healthy for all families to enjoy. I also endeavor to showcase and share other bloggers and promote them on my Blog. You will also find Resources and Courses and Services for Bloggers which I promote from time to time.

6 thoughts on “1 Thursday Tips Tricks and Thoughts are here!”

  1. Thank you for the “heads up” about these upcoming offers. I know I am gearing up for the Google algorithm changes. There is so much to stay on top of these days!

    • Thank you for popping in Maureen – Yes, so much to do and get together. Should you need help with TH GA changes, do let me know as I can connect you to Meghan that did mine. You will see a link in this post referring to a post on the blog from Monday and her particulars can be found on the Monday post. Just let her know that I referred you as she helped me tremendously.

      Oh should you be interested in BCStack please let me know then I will add you to the list and you will be able to get all 65 new entries for a mere $39.00 and when you’re an affiliate make it back in no time and get it all for free and make more

    • Hi Jeannie – Would you like me to add you to the list as they have 65 new products never before on BC Stack and you can get access to them if you wish for the low price of $39. You can then also promote them to your own followers and in doing so gain back your payment and I am sure you can make more on it. Please let me know if I should add you to the list for them to get in touch with you.

  2. Hi Esmé, what an honour to be featured in this first Thursday Tips, Tricks and Thoughts post. Thank you so much.

    I like the layout of this post. It looks great, not cluttered, easy to read, and it’s to the point. The colours are lovely, too. Well done on the work you’ve done – it’s worked.

    I love the ideas behind it and am looking forward to seeing what else comes up in future posts.

    Congratulations on the launch.

    • Dear Hugh. Thank you so much for your note and kind words. I am so glad that you like it and it’s an absolute delight to be able to feature you and give back something to such an esteemed blogger. I truly hope that this will be beneficial to one and all as this is all about giving to bloggers and not about me.


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