Top 12 Posts for 2018 on EsmeSalon

I have never done this before, but since a blogging friend suggested it, I thought why not, so I decided to do some research, and find out which posts ranked in the top 12 slots and will be able to take their spot on the 2018 podium on EsmeSalon.





So here we go, with the Top 12 Posts for 2018 on EsmeSalon.  I hope you will take a moment to visit each of them, leave a comment while drooling over these yummy recipes and do not forget to implement all the blogging tips provided.


Cape Malay Potato Koeksisters

♥ ♥ Soft and spicy Cape Malay Potato Koeksisters dipped into the sugar syrup and rolled in coconut. ♥ ♥


Cape Malay Potato Koeksisters


Milk Tart

A South African lip-smacking treat 




The Culinary Alphabet…This month it is the letter G

The Culinary alphabet is the letter G, of course, we have the obvious but I hope there is just even one that you hadn’t heard of there was for me…Which one do you think it was ??


Galangal or as it is also known Thai ginger


Amarula Malva pudding

Malva Pudding with Amarula Sauce is wonderful and a delicious South African treat



An Easy and Quick No Bake Milk Tart

A quick and easy way to make a very popular and delectable classic.


An Easy and Quick No Bake Milk Tart


How to add a Facebook badge to your blog

How to add a Facebook badge to your blog.  I will try to explain it as I would do it on my own blog and my Desktop PC.  Please note, this may be slightly different from your blog, but this is the basics and the terminology on my blog.



An Easy FLIPBOARD guide for bloggers

I received questions regarding An Easy FLIPBOARD guide for bloggers, from my Facebook SIPB members, so this is how I went about it.




Soft Ginger Reindeer Cookies

Looking for a last minute Christmas cookie for young and old?  I’ve got you covered, you have to try these Soft Ginger Reindeer Cookies


Soft Ginger Reindeer Cookies


Low Carb Faux

Basbousa is a traditional Arab Dessert. The cake is made with semolina and coconut then the syrup is poured over it as it comes out of the oven. My version is low carb and gluten-free


Low Carb Faux Basbousa


How to get the green light with Yoast SEO

How to get the green light with Yoast SEO is the main aim for you to learn about today. If you don’t have the plugin – I do recommend it for helping you be “found” with your blog.


Traffic Lights


Fathead Dough (Miracle Dough) Garlic Loaf

Home-made, Tried and Tested.  In the world of low carb eating, this miracle dough has become a staple.  Used for both sweet and savory dishes. This is my version of a garlic loaf.


Delicious garlic bread


Perogen for soup

Perogen for soup – Serve in soup or as a side snack and Shana Tovah to you all🔯.



Thank you all, for your wonderful contributions, be it a recipe or a blogging tip post.  I just love the diversity of this mix of posts that made it to the podium for 2018.


Keep those posts coming, and remember, to get in touch with me as I hope that you will Participate in a Guest Post or an Interview?


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