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Treats: Sweet and Savory

Purple heart outline with 3 bowls of koeksisters

Sour Milk Koeksisters

Have you made Sour Milk Koeksisters before? I have assisted with baking regular koeksisters back in South Africa for big events, then we made up to 144 dozen or sometimes more.  We worked in teams as it took us two days from starting, preparing the dough, and syrup and setting up.  The second day we worked in sets of two to four people that manned a station. We had lots of fun and enjoyed it tremendously, but thinking of doing this again, I must admit that it’s extremely hard work but as we did it for charity or Church fundraising, it’s a labor of love.  

Sour Milk Koeksisters, a typical South African sticky sweet delicacy. 

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