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Update – Fellow Bloggers: “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange

Please Spread the love, Sharing is Caring!

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good-food   TRH sharing is caring hearts

We have received such good and overwhelming response with this “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange project and have thus decided to open up a second slot per week for your Guest Posts.

new-blog-posts will now be released every Tuesday and Friday at ±1 am


Vancouver, Canada time.  Yes, I am live in wonderful Vancouver, British Columbia (BC). How lucky can one be?

We have rescheduled all the received Guest Posts and now have many more openings for the remainder of the year and your post will be released sooner rather than later.

Depending on the number of future Guest Post requests we receive, this can possible turn into an ongoing “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange project, but then we need you, our Fellow Bloggers to eat-great-and-participateand share-and-inspire with your recipes.

This can only be a win win  trh-recipeexchange if you participate!!    

We get to know our fellow bloggers and the cherry on top to my mind would be that we gain lots and lots of new and delicious recipes to trh-cook-and-enjoy, and we befriend new and wonderful fellow Bloggers and share with each other what each of us blog about.

There are hundreds, or should I rather say, thousands upon thousands of wonderful and fantastic blogs (not only Food blogs) out there and I think that we are missing out big time, because we are trh-invisible to each other.

I would like to challenge and encourage you to share your trh-blog-blog and recipes with us here at The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy) so that we can sign up and follow you, and that our followers will become your followers and visa versa. We believe in helping one another since we all want to spread our message (no matter what we blog) to the outside world.

I truly hope and my wish would be that we can continue to do a Guest Post twice a week!  Now it’s up to you my fellow TRH blogger.jpg, to leave me a commentswith the link to the recipesyou wish to share.  I promise to get in touch with each of you as soon as possible and to confirm once I have scheduled your awesome and delectable recipe and the date for release.

Once we released your recipe and link back to your blog, please let your own followers know, to also visit The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy), sign up, follow us and then they can also become a Guest Poster with us.  Remember, you can be a Guest Poster more than once, we do not limit the number of posts.

I just love this project, am having so much fun.  The best of all, I am learning each day from all of you, and cannot wait to get home in the evening after work, to see who said what and which new friends and fellow bloggers signed up and to find out who will be our next Guest Blogger.

gueset post

Are you game to participate in this “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange? 

The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy) hugs

  • Make tomorrow more amazing than today!
  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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271 thoughts on “Update – Fellow Bloggers: “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange”

    • Thanks. Will let you know within 24 hours of the release date. Please inform your followers of this recipe exchange and have them follow and also share their recipes here then we can have a lot of fun.

    • Hi Sally – Your post will be released on Nov 30th. No limits, so feel free to submit more. Please let your followers know of your participation in the Sharing is Caring Recipe Exchange, then they can also follow and submit their yummy recipes here. 😉

  1. I love this idea!! Since I have a food blog, I have many recipes to contribute! You can use any or all of the ones below. Please let me know if you are ever in need and I will share more.

    A simplified appetizer from my motherland:

    An easy dinner meal.

    And finally a popular dessert I get a lot of compliments on.

    • gimme some oven lovin – Thank you so very much for your contributions. I will get working on them and provide you with the release dates within 24 hours. Please let your followers know of this Recipe Exchange, hopefully they will follow and also participate. Thanks again for your approval and the 3 links provided.

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    • Thanks for your approval – Scheduled for release Dec 12th – Remember – no limits, so please share more if you like and also please inform your followers and hopefully they will also follow and participate.

    • Thanks again for the write up on your blog re the Recipe Exchange – You’re a star. At the moment I have one for every day till Friday scheduled for you. If you have other, not sure when you want them posted.

      • I do have some more, but if you can’t do it, it’s fine. I am working on another one right now – do you want it or not? Then there will be three more between tomorrow and Thursday. One of them is really significant as it is only made once a year, for Rosh Hashana. The other two are also traditional, but less important. You tell me what you want to do, and please don’t stress out on my account!

  3. Reblogged this on koolkosherkitchen and commented:
    Dear Beautiful People, I’d like to introduce you to a kind and generous Esme who initiated this wonderful recipe exchange project. Since I started participating in it, I’ve met some great bloggers and learned amazing recipes. Please take a look!

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  5. Thank you. I did get your request to be a guest publisher on My ” 5 Minute MOUSSE ~ Chocolate with Avocado” recipe. (to be re-published on your site–Oct 16, 2016) . I thank you for your second comment on my “15 minute ~Summer Sunset Pudding” Two dessert that are SO HEALTHY and tasty too. Did I understand you that my recipe will be republished on Oct 16th? Or, did you want a new recipe for your collective ~ blog. You are doing something very unique and wonderful! I wish you continued success for you “foody” endeavor.

    • Yes, your 5 MInute Mouse will be released on 2016/10/16.
      No limits on submissions, so feel free to submit more if you wish.
      Thank you for your kind words, I just love this Collective-blog as you call it. It’s great fun and have received incredible response from fellow bloggers. Please let your followers know of this “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange and hopefully they will also follow my blog and become Guest Bloggers. That will be just awesome if you can put in a word for me. <3

      • As much as I can see from the recipes you’ve added so far, the link to the original post is not working and it’s not very clear upfront that this is a recipe from a different blog.
        If you can’t use the re-blog option, then I would kindly ask you not to use my recipe. Thank you.

      • Please accept my apologies for this, but will you please provide me with an example as to which link does not work, then I will have another look at it. I am sorry if there is a glitch. I check each and every link after I have scheduled the post. Also upon release, I use that link to go back to the Original Post to inform the Blogger and update them of the release, and have not encountered any issues to date. Thanks

      • I have again worked through all the already released Guest Posts and cannot find one of them with a broken link. Each link I used did take me back to the original Bloggers post.
        Please may I respectfully ask that you look at the posts again and let me know if you still cannot access the original posts.
        I have now added the words: Guest Blogger: (Link of the blogger) Link: Original Post which is the link to the post.

      • Tasty Eats Ronit Penso, Please let me know if you wish me to proceed with your recipe for release on Dec 8th as scheduled. As mentioned I checked all the links and would like to know if you still have a problem with the links. I await your confirmation of go ahead.

    • Thanks for linking and letting your followers know about this recipe exchange project. Hopefully they will follow your lead, and also join us and submit their recipes. Thanks again for your participation.

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