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What Prompted you to Start Blogging 1

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What Prompted you to Start Blogging.  This is a question I have asked many a blogger and I have been asked the same. 



Firstly, I want to thank you all for your stories and I have received tons more, so this will be way too long a post to share all at once, so I will do a series on What prompted you to start blogging?  

I did a post back in November 2019 on Blogging is an interesting world!

I am so lucky to have met so many awesome and wonderful people in the Blogging world and for sure Blogging is an interesting world!

When did you start blogging?  Did you know what you let yourself in for?  Did you think it would be easy?  Just type 300+ words, add a handful of beautiful images and voila all done, and then hit the Publish button?

For sure that’s not how it goes ….. what do you think? How do you do it??

You can read my own story on EsmeSalon About Page


What Prompted you to Start Blogging 1

I am sharing your stories,  in the order received, so please keep an eye out for the rest in this series!
I decided to ask my blogging friends and below you will find their answers to these questions.
1. Why You Blog
2. What prompted you to start blogging



Cindy Lauderdale Moore

Cindy Goes Beyond

  1. Why You Blog:
    My why for blogging is to encourage people to live a life beyond the edges of fear, comfort zones and limiting beliefs. I grew up with fear as my constant companion. What a confining world that created as I attempted to remain safe by living small, living carefully. Inner work brought freedom from fear and when the terror I’d lived with all my life bowed in defeat and stepped aside, a wide door of fresh possibilities opened. My creativity waited for me there and what an incredible journey of discovery we’ve embarked on. I continually grow by stepping beyond the boundaries I impose on myself. And I want others who experience living small as a way to survive to see what is possible when we take courage and live extraordinary lives. My second blog Journey With Healthy Me focuses on being healthy at every age and was birthed from my healing journey.
  2. What prompted you to start blogging:
    I began blogging in 2014 as a way of holding myself accountable. After expressing the desire to write every day, my first effort lasted four days. I found LuAnn Cahn, an author who wrote about getting out of the rut she was in by trying a new experience every day for a year. This seemed perfect for me, as I expanded my awareness and lived a bigger life. Cindy Goes Beyond detailed my Year of Firsts as I too tried a new experience every day. That year of enjoying new experiences changed my life and launched my blog, which evolved into its current existence. I now blog four times a week, in two different blogs.


Justine Warne

  1. Why You Blog:
    I wanted to see if my writing would be of interest to anyone, as I didn’t have a lot of confidence in the way I wrote and I thought that blogging would be a safe way to write and remain anonymous. In New Zealand, we don’t have a strong tea culture and I wanted to share my love of all things tea-related to encourage people to try teas and enjoy the ceremony of tea. Tea is a bit of a niche topic that has grown exponentially for me, and now that I have added our travel adventures as well it has opened up a whole new world to me, so to speak.
  2. What prompted you to start blogging: 
    I would ultimately like to write a book and decided to try blogging as a precursor.



Patricia Prince

Pink Ribbon Runner

  1. Why You Blog:
    I was devastated when, at age 46, I found out I had stage 3 breast cancer. But I was determined to fight. I had 2 mastectomy surgeries, chemotherapy and 3 months of radiation and I knew a change in my lifestyle was needed too. I rediscovered that healthy eating, exercise and mindfulness were the keys to regaining strength, wellness, and happiness after my treatments. During the years that followed, I met so many others inflicted with cancer. And I discovered that many survivors struggle for years after their treatments have ended. I started to blog so that I could share my stories of what was possible. I also wanted to share the science behind repairing our bodies and minds through healthy habits.
  2. What prompted you to start blogging:
    Blogging also allows me to learn from my readers and fellow bloggers. I am so inspired when people can overcome and heal through healthy living. The power that simple healthy habits have on someone’s life can be truly amazing. Hearing about other people’s triumphs is my favorite part of blogging.



What prompted you to start blogging




The Modest Lifestyle

  1. Why You Blog and What prompted you to start blogging: 
    I started blogging because my husband got accepted to study overseas. We wanted to stay together as a family (we have three little boys) in this new journey in our lives. However, I knew that only a student allowance wasn’t going to cut it, so I started looking for other sources of income. During that time, I used to follow a blogger that used to post her monthly income. It was through her that I had the idea to start my lifestyle blog. I am still at the beginning stages and learning each day. I discovered that I like blogging even with all its hard work.




Sara Shuman

Growing with the Shuman’s

  1. Why You Blog:
    I blog to share the story of our family’s journey as we delve farther into self-sustainability. There are some tutorials and information we haven’t been able to find for some of our projects, so I want to put information out there for others who want to do something similar.
  2. What prompted you to start blogging:
    Creating a blog has been on my mind for years, but I was never in a place mentally and physically to pursue it. Once I realized my biggest obstacle has been fear of vulnerability, I prayed about it and took a step in faith!




Jen Towkaniuk


  1. Why You Blog and What prompted you to start blogging: 
    I started blogging to create a place for network marketers from any company to find the training they need to build a long term, stable business. I know that many people in our industry are not entrepreneurs and most have never run a business before. They need to learn more than how to post their company links on social media.My blog teaches new entrepreneurs how to build a brand, get it visible online, and create multiple streams of income from home. Digital She.E.O. isn’t just for network marketers. It’s for anyone who wants to build an online business and make money from home.I have spent the last 7 years training my team on how to build a home-based business. My training was limited to the people inside my company. I have many friends who promote other companies who often ask for my help. My blog allows me to help them without taking away from my responsibilities with my team.I believe so strongly that network marketing is an excellent business model. I’ve made my mission to give support and training to anyone who wants to build a sustainable business online, no matter what company they have chosen to partner with.



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