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What Prompted you to Start Blogging 4

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What Prompted you to Start Blogging.  Today we share the fourth part in the series of What Prompted you to Start Blogging 4

Well, What Prompted you to Start Blogging 4

Last week we shared the third batch of bloggers in this series What prompted you to start blogging? If you the previously featured bloggers, you can still pop over and read all those wonderful blogging stories.

In my post, Blogging is an interesting world! you will be able to meet other blogging buddies.


When did you start blogging?  Did you know what you let yourself in for?  Did you think it would be easy?  Just type 300+ words, add a handful of beautiful images and voila all done, and then hit the Publish button?  For sure that’s not how it goes ….. what do you think? How do you do it??

You can read my own story on What Prompted me to Start Blogging  EsmeSalon About Page


What Prompted you to Start Blogging 4


I am sharing your stories,  in the order received, so please keep an eye out for the rest in this series!
We decided to ask my blogging friends and below you will find their answers to these questions.
1. Why You Blog
2. What prompted you to start blogging


Without further ado let’s meet some more awesome bloggers and read their stories here at What Prompted you to Start Blogging 4 

Kim Berry

Let’s start this series with another dear blogging friend of mine.  Kim Berry, and co-host at #SeniSal, our weekly Linkup for all to come and join.  Just to whet your appetite,  see this week’s list of entries thus far at #65 Senior Salon.  You still have time to add your links as well.

This is Kim from Kims DIY Craft Blog‘s story…

Tell us Why You Blog and And what prompted you to start blogging

I started my blog as a way of investing in my future. I am a teacher, a second-grade teacher to be exact and I have been pouring into my classroom kiddos for more than 20 years and felt the time had come to start pouring a bit of that energy into my own future. Let’s face it, burnout is a real problem in the teaching community. I don’t want to wait till that happens to retire as I want to end my teaching career while I still love it and have lots to give. The best way to do that is to fill your own tanks first. Then you have something worthwhile to give others.

My husband and I are planning on transitioning into a very different life in the not so distant future. Not retiring, nooo. We are barely in our 50’s. But we want to craft the life of our dreams. We want to start a hobby farm and blogging is something I can take with me wherever we go. We are going to head north and play farmer while we are young and healthy enough to enjoy it. The blog gives me a way to share that with anyone that has similar interests as well as creates a fabulous library of resources for us to learn from.

Creating is what feeds my passion. Creating a garden, glitter tumbler, a delicious meal is what fills my tank and overflows into the lives of those around me. Now, let’s go and get our hands dirty together!


Meet Pat

the Helpful Online Marketer

Tell us Why You Blog and And what prompted you to start blogging

I started blogging as a way to express myself.

I was a freelance writer and blogger for many years writing for different websites. Writing is my passion. It has been for as long as I could remember. But the problem with writing for other people is you have to write on their terms.

Eventually, I got tired of it. So I decided to start my own blog, so I could write about the topics I wanted to. So I wouldn’t have to follow a set of rules. Now my goal is to help other women build successful and profitable blogs or online businesses.



Now another blogger friend, as I had the honor and she had me over for an interview on her blog – yes she spiked my virtual coffee of coffee.  Feel free to hop over and You can read all about that interview.

Joy Lennick’s blog

This is Joy’s blogging tale from Joy Lennick’s blog – Writing and Reading

Tell us Why You Blog and And what prompted you to start blogging

Thank you for giving me space and a chance to write…..again.!

Why I write. Well, I’m a chatterbox and blogging is a good opportunity to continue ‘chatting.’ Also, despite being ‘mature,’ I remain curious and enthusiastic about people, nature, and life itself. Add a fascination with words themselves, and that’s about it!

What started me blogging? I soon realized that I’d be in a literary vacuum if I didn’t ‘put my words out there…’ Also, it’s a great way of learning about other people, what they write and read,etc., and about their lives. I, too, firmly believe in integration in its fullest sense.

If we don ‘t ‘reach out,’  think of all the fabulous wealth of material: from poetry and short stories to wonderful tales of facts woven with imagination, that we’d miss!

Talat Yasmin

Yet another wonderful and very talented blogging friend from Racing Tigers

We teamed up and have a Tailwind Tribe, and we invite you all to come and join us.

Why I blog/ What prompted me to start blogging 

I started to blog because I simply couldn’t contain my ideas within myself anymore. The passion I had for writing, needed an outlet. Ideas exploded in my head all the time and I could feel them. I knew I had to do something about it.

It is now my greatest passion- my window to the world. It brings me joy, awareness, and connectivity with other driven bloggers who in turn are working wonders on their respective blogs.

Back in late November 2017, after I launched my blog, I got hooked with everything that went into blogging. It gives me my kick to start my morning on a creative note.

The writing, the editing, the publishing and then having people around the world read my stuff. It is a journey that feeds my soul.


What Prompted you to Start Blogging 4


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