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What Prompted you to Start Blogging 5

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What Prompted you to Start Blogging.  Today we share the fifth in the series of What Prompted you to Start Blogging 5


Well, What Prompted you to Start Blogging 5


Last week we shared the fourth batch of bloggers in this series What prompted you to start blogging? If you the previously featured bloggers, you can still pop over and read all those wonderful blogging stories.

In my post, Blogging is an interesting world! you will be able to meet other blogging buddies.


When did you start blogging?  Did you know what you let yourself in for?  Did you think it would be easy?  Just type 300+ words, add a handful of beautiful images and voila all done, and then hit the Publish button?  For sure that’s not how it goes ….. what do you think? How do you do it??

You can read my own story on What Prompted me to Start Blogging  EsmeSalon About Page


What Prompted you to Start Blogging 5


This week we only have one blogger so I will add some other interesting features for you to explore.  We truly hope you will visit and subscribe to participate on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


Please meet Emily from and you will find her over at EMYSWAY

Why do you blog?

Writing has always been a form of therapy for me. Since I was ten years old, I kept a diary and wrote down whatever I was feeling. I suppose that’s the first reason I blog: it’s an outlet for my whirling thoughts and a way to prevent my brain from becoming a chaotic mess. Another reason is to express my creativity. Aside from writing, I’ve been obsessed with photography for as long as I can remember. I’m definitely not a professional, I just find a lot of joy in capturing beautiful moments and sharing them with the world. Lastly, and most importantly, I blog because I want to help people in some way, whether that’s through writing a great travel guide that makes it easier for someone to plan their trip or by sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned on the road. I hope to inspire people to be fearless in their pursuit of a happy and fulfilled life. Simply put, I blog because it allows me to combine all of the things I’m passionate about.



What prompted you to start blogging?

A year ago I was feeling quite bitter about how my life had turned out.

I didn’t care about anything I was doing and felt stuck in a vicious cycle of negativity. It took me a long time, but one day I finally decided I’d had enough. I quit everything, hopped on a flight and started backpacking through Central-America (mostly Costa Rica). As soon as I left, I felt the urge to document my journey, so I started my blog EMYSWAY.

At first, I treated it like an online travel diary, where I spoke candidly about my adventures on the road. However, as I delved deeper into the blogging world, I realized I had a lot more to share. I began creating travel guides for different destinations, as well as the occasional lifestyle post. I enjoyed it so much it became my goal to turn my blog into my business, which is what I’m still trying to do now. However, if I’m completely honest, my main reason for starting a blog is probably to find a community of like-minded people, which is something that’s been lacking from my life for quite some time now.



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