What type of blogger are you Interactive Survey?

What type of blogger are you?

Ever since we featured the Guest Post from The Irish Twin’s Momma regarding Grow your Subscribers Interactive Survey I have been playing with the idea to try it out.  I  have now set up my first Interactive Survey (of hopefully many interesting ones to come) called What type of blogger are you?

I hope you have 5 minutes, to click and take the Quiz and respond with your answers to these super easy questions.  Just respond with the first answer that comes to mind, do not overthink or analyze your response.

I have integrated my quiz with Aweber, my email platform and it’s super easy to do.  If I can do it, I am sure that you will be able to set it up in records time.

I have decided to have the quiz as a pop-up so you may have seen it when you came over to EsmeSalon

If you wish to look at The Irish Twin’s Momma quiz, here we go with the link to her What’s Your Decorating Style quiz.


What type of blogger are you?

I hope to do some more in the future, but to kick it off, I used a template from Interact’s Free Quiz Site to get started.

I am aware that this is only a starting point, and may need a lot of tweaking going forward.  Please hop over and check it out and see your results via email.

Final Thoughts:

I hope to learn more from this fun project and so getting to know you all better as well.  If you have any specific area you would like to have me do a quiz on, please drop me a note in the comments. I will do my best and try to create or source a quiz on a specific topic or theme as requested.

Should you wish to try out and do your own Free Interact quiz, let me know and I will come over and check it out.

See you on the other side at the quiz

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