Writing and baking a cake are very much alike

Please meet the beautiful Zahra from Algeria.  Without any further rambling from my side, please read her Guest Post and then you should take a moment and go and visit her blog

I want to thank Esmé very much for letting me guest post for her. It’s a great opportunity for me to meet new bloggers like Esmé, she’s very generous and lovely.


Well, My name’s Zahra, I’m from Algeria. I discovered blogging in 2017 and since then I fell in love. Blogging became a part of me. It became my happiness. I’m looking forward to entering the community of blog lovers and share my passion. Hope you like my post xoxo0″


When you want to bake a cake, first of all, you need ingredients. You go to the supermarket; buy some eggs, sugar, butter, flour, milk, and anything you need to make a delicious “gateau”. You also need heat to get it done. A cake can’t be a cake without the energy of the oven. However, ovens can, sometimes, be risky. Learn how to adjust your heat so that the cake will be cooked very well.


Same thing with writing. When you want to write a piece of writing, you also need ingredients: ideas, thoughts, life experiences, details about your life, truth, and credibility. Although, your piece can’t be done without the heat of your heart, your true feelings about the thing you’re writing about, and your joy or sorrow over someone or something that happened to you.

If you’re writing about your parents don’t just say “I love mom and dad”. Add what you love about them, what they look like or what they have done to you. Talk about anything and everything about them. Get your deepest feelings and emotions involved, so that your piece will be cooked very good as well as a cake. Talk about the small details, caress them. You should care about what is around you, because this will give your writing a taste that make it very delicious to the one who’s reading it.

Write about your actual situations and accept them as well. You don’t say “I’m living in Brooklyn; I wish I can live in Paris.” accept your reality, confess about what you love or hate about it. Say what you really feel or you’ve been feeling lately. Be honest about your current life. Just like the cake. The heat of the oven is not distracted thinking; “I want this cake to be chocolate.”

In using details and heat, you’re not only baking cakes. In writing with details, you’re facing the world, because you’re not just cooking your own emotions with the heat and energy of your heart, but you are feeding the hungry as well.

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