Zarina's Chicken winglets

Zarina's Chicken winglets
Dinner is being served, are you ready?
Cut chicken wings into 2 pieces, removing the wing tip.
Use that for stock or soup.
Add marinade of choice.
I like sweet Thai chilli, mayo, Nando sauce & salt.
These were a tad too sweet but tasty all the same.
Let it marinade preferably overnight else for at least 30 min.
Add saucy wings to pot with good drizzle of olive oil & cook till done.
Stir frequently, l used high heat initially.
Once done serve saucy winglets hot.
Steam a medley of seasonal veggies.
I love carrots with all things green(broccoli, green beans, baby marrow, mangetout).
I used the microwave.
Once done add some seasoning & a dab of butter/margarine.
Cous cous is the quick version.
Comes in packets of 5.
Place a packet in salted boiling water for 2 min, or until cous cous absorbed as much water as it can.
Remove, squeeze out water, cut bag open & put in a bowl.
Add some salt, butter or margarine.
Let it sit & enjoy as a starch.
You can add veggies, meat, sauce at this point as a meal.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Zarina Halday‎ 
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