Es’s Vegan Christmas “Cake”

Vegan Christmas “Cake”
This is my own creation.  I saw a video on the Internet, and only used the idea and totally recreated and Veganized the recipe and used different ingredients to prepare this Vegan  Christmas “Cake”.  It turned out very well, and I am happy with it.
350g vegan butter
700g vegan dark chocolate
150g Dark Corn Syrup
Fruit mix:
200g dried fruit cake mix
35g candied ginger, cut into small bits
50g dried mango, cut into small bits
1 cup very strong tea, made with 2 teabags. I used 2 bags of Redbush tea (Rooibos tea) but you can use any tea, your own preference.
Let it steep well and add all the fruit in a 1-liter jug and cover with clingwrap.  Let it sit at least 2-3 hours, or overnight (if you have the time) in order for all the liquid to be absorbed.
Biscuit etc. mix
300g vegan ginger cookies, broken into small pieces (I used store-bought)
300g vegan chocolate cookies, broken into small pieces (I used store-bought)
150g raw mixed nuts, crushed but not too small
250g Dandies vegan marshmallows (I used store-bought)
1 x 340g tub Vegan Betty Crocker Whipped Chocolate Icing
Homemade vegan meringues:- Recipe: Es’s Easy Aquafaba Vegan Meringues
100g Brown chocolate
Place the butter, chocolate, and syrup in a very large pot and melt on the stove on medium heat. Stir continuously till all melted. Set aside and allow to cool a little.
Add the fruit and biscuit etc. mix. Stir and blend together.
Line a 2+ liter dessert bowl (or a plastic container) with Clingfilm and pour the ‘cake’ mix into it.
Level the top and freeze for 1-2 hours or leave in the fridge till set.
Remove the “Cake” from the mould and turn it out onto a large serving plate.
Spread it with chocolate icing and stick on the homemade vegan meringues to cover the Vegan Christmas “Cake”
Melt the remaining 100g brown chocolate in the microwave in 30 seconds spurts till melted.
Pour/drizzle the chocolate over the top and let it drip down.
Garnish with holly or any other Christmas decoration.
Hey presto, you have just made yourself a totally Vegan Christmas “Cake”.
I saw a video on the internet done by twistedfood, but as the original recipe is not Vegan, and contained Maltesers candy, cream, white chocolate etc., which is not vegan, I came up with the above recipe and made my very own Vegan Christmas “Cake”
Modified, prepared, tried and tested by Es Slabs
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