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#1: Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet

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7 Jan 18



This will be the inaugural and first of hopefully many Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet events!

Ready, Set, Go!!  @SundayMeetGreet
Let’s get this show on the road!

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This is an open invitation to all bloggers from any niche, so please leave us a comment and tell us a little about yourself, and yes, we want you to leave us a link to promote and showcase your own blog.

Please leave only ONE link per week, even if you have more than one blog or social media platform. Each week you can submit a link to a different media platform – How cool is that?
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In return, when leaving one link per week (any ONE platform), you HAVE to visit a minimum of three (3) other friends that left a link that day.

Please, NO link-dropping and disappearing.

Now go and read all those awesome posts, and share as many as possible on any/all your social platform/s.

 Sharing is Caring!!

Go, go, go and share away ontwitterFacebookpinterestInstagramFlipboard-iconstumbleupon or Press This post.  If you feel generous, do all of the aforementioned. 

If you are unable to participate any given week, then please do not leave a link as we will have a Weekly Meet and Greet linkup every Sunday!!

I am eagerly awaiting your comments and links!

By joining and participating here on Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet, you automatically grant your permission that I am permitted to share your posts and images on social media.


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103 thoughts on “#1: Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet”

  1. Thanks Esme. I’m Hayley from and music, books, film, TV and social commentary is my thing. If it’s your thing too, please pop along and say hi.

  2. Good evening Everyone. My name is Judy and I like to blog about all kinds of things, although there is nearly always a thread of humour running them all. I particularly love writing in verse and having fun with the odd limerick or two. You are very welcome to visit me here at my blog

  3. This now makes sense I tweeted this morning, no idea what I was doing lol.
    My blog is about my life with MS but not confined to just MS for me it’s all about connecting with people. x x

  4. Thank you for taking this initiative! I am disabled with chronic pain and blog about tips to deal with it. I also talk about using assistive technology to overcome disability especially the use of speech recognition to operate digital devices. These technologies also improve productivity for everyone, not only for the disabled. In the past few weeks, the US government has passed a big tax reform bill which affects almost taxpayer including the chronically sick. I have therefore blogged about this important issue at

  5. Hi, πŸ‘‹ I’m Libby. I’m a 23 year old soon to be married women from Yorkshire, England. My blog is filled with delicious recipes of my own creations. They consist of everyday recipes made easy and simple. I love to cook, clean and just look after my home & family. I’m a full home bird. I love to be at home in my own space doing my own thing.
    Heres my blog link
    Head on over and pop in. I’ll be sure to repay the favour.
    Happy Sunday πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ˜Š

  6. Hello all – I recognise a few faces already! I am a mum of 3, living in south London and I started blogging following surgery for chronic pain. I have a rare genetic condition of the connective tissue (Ehlers Danlos Syndorme) which unfortunately has been downhill since hitting 40!! Anyway I try to combine some humour into life with a family & chronic illness, chuck in some reviews here and there and enjoy the support and friendship from other bloggers! Looking forward to meeting you all. I am at

  7. Hello all! I write a book review/cocktail blog! (I know, a but of a strange pairing!) I review a book and choose a boozy beverage that best pairs with its feel or content! Please check it out at http;//

  8. Good afternoon from sunny Thailand I am a slightly quirky, whimsical English lady who lives in Thailand. I love spice and chillies and am sure I was abducted at birth from India or the like…haha such is my love of chilli. I write, blog, have a monthly guest post on here and soon to have a food column on Smorgasbord Magazine( when I write it).. lol… If you would like to visit my blog you would be very welcome and if you leave yours I will be back to come and visit you…after my sundowner of course…lol…I can be found here See you soon x


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