Amarula Cream Cheese Frosting

Do you know how to make Amarula Cream Cheese Icing?

A week or so ago I was asked for an Amarula Cream Cheese Frosting recipe. Since then it’s been hounding me so as we are visiting friends tonight, I decided that this is the opportunity and made a carrot cake with Amarula Cream Cheese Frosting! As in my nature, I took another recipe and made my own adjustments, so this is my recreated version below:


  1. 250 g cream cheese (1 brick)
  2. 1/4 lb (4 oz) / 115 g 1 stick softened butter
  3. 1-2 tsp Amarula Liqueur
  4. 1½ cups icing sugar (confectioners/powdered sugar)


Ingredients to prepare Amarula Cream Cheese Frosting

How to make your Amarula Cream Cheese Icing:

  • Beat cream cheese, butter and Amarula Liqueur with electric beaters until light and fluffy and well-blended.
  • Slowly add ½ cup of icing sugar at a time, and beat until smooth and creamy.
  • Check for consistency and taste. If you prefer it sweeter, feel free to add another ½ cup of icing sugar.
  • Although, I prefer to not add it, as I am not keen on the extra sweetness.
  • Liberally coat your cooled carrot cake with this moreish Amarula Cream cheese Icing.
  • Decorate and sprinkle a copious amount of chopped walnuts and add some maraschino cherries as well.


Plated Carrot cake with Amarula Cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with Walnuts and decorated with Maraschino cherries


Now all that remains to be done, would be to make yourself a steaming cup of coffee (or tea if you rather prefer tea) and bite into this most amazing Amarula Cream cheese Icing.

Prepared, tried and tested by Esme Slabs 

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