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An open invitation to all Bloggers

By: | April 10, 2017 | | 17 comments

Let’s party @ The Recipe Hunter.
I wish to meet you one and all dear fellow bloggers.
My Motto: Share and Inspire Others!, and thus inviting you to check out the original post ( http://bit.ly/2oBkOzp ) and leave me a comment.
I promise I WILL visit your blog/s and any other social media you’re connected with, and also with your permission, add your name to the growing list “Social Media” Participants @ http://bit.ly/2oXZxQB
Have a look at those, visit them and get to know them.
♕ ♔ツ☆♕ ♔ツ☆♕ ♔ツ☆

  1. This is wicked awesome, Esme! Thanks for providing an opportunity to connect with other bloggers (and thanks to Gary for pointing me in this direction)!
    I write about a variety of topics, which I’ve divided up into days – there’s Microblog Monday (short posts about random things with some writing thrown in for good measure), Tarot Tuesday (a free card reading for the week), Witchy Wednesday (things like full moon info and spells), and Foto Friday (my favorite pictures taken each week).
    Here’s my blog
    Blog – http://www.traciyork.com
    Here’s a few of my social media links (yes, I’m on waaaay too many… LOL!) –
    Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Traci.York.Writer/
    Twitter – https://twitter.com/TraciYorkWriter
    Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/TraciYorkWriter/
    Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/traciyork_aka_internetg33k/
    StumbleUpon – http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/internetg33k
    I look forward to checking out the others on your list! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Traci – Thank you so much for participating and your links.
      Seems like we have all the same social connections. WOW, I thought it’s only me that’s so crazy. Glad to meet you blog-aholic friend. I will add you information shorly and you should receive a ping from my. Please confirm receipt and if possible please let your followers know of this ‘opportunity’ then they can also follow TRH and participate on this platform.

  2. Hi there! What a terrific idea. I write humor for The Huffington Post but also have a WordPress blog where no subject is too serious to make light of. But since you’re a cook AND a blogger, I thought you might enjoy this post in particular.
    It’s a pleasure to cross your creative path online and Gary (Fiction is Food) is definitely the reason. Thanks Gary, and to you as well Esme for creating “mix n match” opportunities like this for bloggers who are hungry for engagement!
    Stephanie D. Lewis AKA Little Miss Menopause

    • Dear Stephanie, thank you for your note and participation. I will add your information shortly and you should receive a pingback. Please confirm once received then I know its working. Just want to make double sure. Thanks also to Gary where you found me. Hope you will follow and check out the tried and tested recipes posted daily. I will for sure check out your post shortly.

    • I just ♥ your post – its so ‘well done’

  3. Been while since I popped over and what a good one to do it on, normally I read and leave HUNGRY 🙂
    My blogs mostly writing related; fiction and soon to be mindfulness in the annual Kindness Challenge offered by Niki Meadows (sign up link near the top of my blog if you are interested). Always looking to network with new bloggers and already follow some on the *master* list you linked above.
    Blog: https://fictionisfood.com/
    FB Author page: https://en-gb.facebook.com/Fictionisfood/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/garyjefferies10
    Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/gary_jefferies/
    My blog is due to have a facelift in the next two weeks so please excuse teething problems 🙂
    Anyone popping across or linking up will find themselves similarly STALKED 🙂

    • Hi Gary
      Thank you so much for joining this party and providing your social media information. I will add it shortly and then you should receive a pingback. Please let me know once received then I am sure it worked.
      Thanks for following, popping in and checking out the other bloggers.

      • My pleasure. I find networking a really fun part of blogging. More so because, contrary to political opinions, I’ve met and befriended loads of people from all over the world and they all just want to get along. Bloggers in particular score brilliantly on that one. It must be really fab for a food blogger too. So many cultures and dishes. Will let you know, I know there one in moderation so it must be from you 😊

        • Thanks for your kind words Gary, you make my day and that’s why I am a blog-aholic. Have a look at https://cookandenjoyrecipes.wordpress.com/2017/01/28/the-blog-aholic-award/ and feel free to accept it this way and pay my award forward, pingback to me and then we can spread the love more

          • Ooh, I’ll have a look tomorrow. I’m looking for things to add into my soon to be theme revamp. Kind words are only honest ones 😊 Ever considered doing the anual Kindness Challenge in May? It’s a good one to meet up with new bloggers and link up with people. The sign up link is near the top of my blog if you fancy having a look. It’s run by the person I did a book cover reveal for yesterday.

          • Hi Gary. Thanks again and for the info in the challenge. At work on my coffee time but will check it out tonight. Not sure if I will qualify but promise to check it out 😊

          • My pleasure. Just think of it as a self challenge. It makes you think about day to day stuff that possibly gets taken for granted. I find it therapeutic after all the media coverage of how wrong the world is!!

          • Thanks Gary – I will for sure hop over and check it out shortly

  4. Thank you for the ping – just found it Gary

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