Broccoli and Chickpea Salad

This easy Broccoli and Chickpea Salad is a refreshing and healthy side dish for the summer!

Broccoli 4 cups chopped
Red onion medium size minced
Walnuts/cashews 1 cup roughly chopped
Chickpeas 1 can drain
Cranberries 1 cup
Feta cheese. optional

Broccoli and Chickpea Salad


Yogurt double cream 2 cups
Mayo of choice ⅔ cup
Apple cider vinegar ⅓ cup
Mustard 3 teaspoons

Mix all the salad ingredients together in a large bowl
Blend all the ingredients for dressing and pour over the salad.
Stir and set aside in fridge.
Allow resting for at least an hour.

Prepared, tried and tested Dee Harris

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