Chicken Schnitzel with Cheese Sauce and Crispy Battered Onions

Chicken Schnitzel with Cheese Sauce and Crispy Battered Onions (2)

A very popular dish around the world!

Chicken Schnitzel
5 chicken breasts flattened with a mallet,
5 slices white bread toasted,
½ cup flour,
salt and pepper,
1tsp paprika,
1tsp dried thyme,
3 eggs beaten.

Dip chicken breast into flour then egg then breadcrumbs on both sides
Once done – place in fridge for 10 min
Repeat flour, egg, breadcrumbs, place in fridge once more for 10 min
Fry in oil for ½ min each side, just to set crumb then place in an ovenproof dish and bake at 180 for 25-30 min.

Cheese sauce:
Melt 2tbl butter in saucepan over med heat, add 1 tbs flour, mix well
Whisk in 2 cups warm milk, a little at a time, until sauce thickened
Add salt, pepper and grated nutmeg and ½ cup cheddar cheese
Stir well until cheese melted.

Battered onions:
Slice 1 onion finely,
Dip in ½ cup buttermilk, then into 1 cup flour mixed with 1tsp paprika, salt, pepper and 2tsp fresh chopped thyme
Put in fridge for 10 minutes
Fry in hot oil until crisp – serve with chips.

Prepared, tried and tested Melenie Govender Pillay 

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