Dee’s Spinach Fritters

Spinach Fritters

These fritters are an all-time favorite of mine. It’s a favorite I developed and when served to my girlfriends at our lunch gatherings, it is applauded and the plate left empty.

200g spinach – the mass when shredded, steamed and drained
200g potato – cooked and mashed, adding a dessert spoon good oil/butter
egg – 1 xlarge – beaten
75ml flour of choice
2.5ml baking powder – omit if using self-raising flour
20g sharp cheese, grated (I used mature goat’s cheese)
5ml salt
2.5ml pepper
Oil for frying – I used coconut

Squeeze out excess liquid from the cooked spinach.
Add flour, toss ensuring that all the spinach is coated.
In separate bowl, add the cheese and seasoning to the mashed potato and blend well.
Add potato to spinach and also add the beaten egg.
Here, I put on gloves and mix by hand, easier on my shoulders.
Using a soup spoon as a measure, drop mixture into a hot pan with oil of choice.
Fry on both sides until golden.
These go well with a sweet chili relish and a poached egg.

Prepared, tried and tested Dee Harris

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