Es's Simple Pulled Pork

1kg lean-ish Boneless pork belly (skin removed)
1 large onion
10ml fresh ground coriander
3-5 cloves fresh garlic, chopped. Quantity depends on your taste
10ml Rosemary
5ml Thyme
Salt to taste
1liter water
Chop onion coarsely
In decent size pot: sauté onion and garlic until shiny. Remove & set mix aside
Cut belly into manageable portions (±250g each)
Brown pork in pot. Add salt, coriander, rosemary & thyme
When done: add water slowly.
Bring to boil, add half of onions
Cover and simmer for ±2-3 hours. Check to ensure it does not boil dry.
Add remainder of onions & garlic. At this stage you still need about 200ml of water in the pot. Top up or reduce as required.
Simmer for another ½ hour. By this time the meat MUST be able to be pulled apart (unless you have the strongest pig of all!).
Tear the pork apart. You should have a decent amount of reduced water/fat: mix the pork with the liquid. Heat back up.
We do not like Barbecue sauces with pulled pork, so we eat it just as is.
OK, if preferred you can add BBQ sauce. Goes well with fresh bread and a glass of red wine!
Own creation, prepared, tried and tested by: Es Slabs‎’s Husband Alwyn

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