Es's Stuffed Chicken Breast

TRH Es's Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe2
(1 serving)
1 tbsp Cheesecake Cream Cheese
¼ tsp Fresh Garlic (you can use more if you like garlic as we do)
1 sprinkle of Salt
1 sprinkle freshly ground Black Pepper
1 thin slice Bacon
1 Chicken Breast
Herb Mix (I used dried herbs) but if you prefer you can also use fresh herbs, then you will need ±½ cup fresh herbs)
I used dry herbs and just eyeballed it but you can adjust it to taste once mixed with the creamcheese.
Preheat your oven to 400F
Fry the bacon in a dry pan, no need for oil, as its oily already. If you wish, you can add a drop or two of water and put over medium heat and cook until bacon is brown and crunchy. We prefer it not as crunchy but did make it dry in order to get rid of most of the fat.
Cut the bacon into small pieces.
In a mixing bowl, combine your cream cheese, bacon bits, salt, pepper, mix herbs, and garlic.
Mix to combine ingredients.
Now you can have a bit of fun, and adjust the seasoning as necessary.
Add more herbs or spices according to your preference.
Place your chicken breast in a chopping board and slice along the center to create a pocket in the middle.
Place the cream cheese and herb mixture into the pocket, so be careful not to cut the chicken breast all the way through.
Press both sides of the chicken breast lightly to close the opening as best you can.
TRH Es's Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe
Wrap your chicken breast in aluminium foil. Be careful not to tear the tinfoil.
Place your parcels on a cooling rack in a cookie pan and bake this in the preheated oven until chicken is done and no longer pink in color.
This will depend on the size of the chicken breasts.
We made 1 medium and 2 large chicken breasts, so you will make the filling (x3) and we baked it for ±45 minutes.
Check the thickest part of the chicken to be sure.
Serve immediately while your chicken is still hot and your cream cheese is still melting.
This turned out to be the best ever chicken breast meal we enjoyed.  It’s super juicy and beyond delicious.
Recipe credit: Dukan
Adjusted, prepared, tried and tested by: Esme Slabs

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