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Es's Vegan Orzo and Vegetable Salad

By: | October 12, 2017 | Tags: , , , | 6 comments

Vegan Orzo and Vegetable Salad
Simple roasted vegetables are tossed with orzo for a wonderful Thanksgiving Salad

No measurements will be provided here; it will all depend on how many people you wish to feed.
1½ cup Orzo
Vegetable Broth
Cook Orzo according to package directions.
Fry the following vegetables one by one in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and add to the orzo and mix.
Sliced Mushrooms
Chopped Red, Yellow, and Orange Peppers
Chopped spring onions
Mixed frozen vegetables of your choice
Add some
Pine Nuts
Fresh or roasted pepitas (Pumpkin seeds)
In fact, you can add whatever you have available. That’s what I usually do.
For the Dressing:
I used the following:
Es’s Vegan Aquafaba (Chickpea Liquid) Mayo/Sauce
Chill the salad and mix with the dressing just before serving, and enjoy
Own creation, prepared, tried and tested by: Esme Slabs
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  1. Looks awesome! Gonna try it out one of these days with a few extra ingredients of my own, see how it goes o/ thanks for sharing!

  2. I make quinoa cold salads with sweet and sour balsamic vinaigrette, veggies and purple onions.
    If you are Canadian: Happy Thanksgiving! If not, give it a couple months and have a lovely gathering with healthy choices. I love baked sweet potatoes or a root vegetables baked dish. Take care, Robin 💐

    • Hi Robin = Thanks, yes I am Canadian and thank you we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.
      How about you share with us some of your recipes as a Guest here on my blog? Would you be interested?

  3. 🙂 🙂

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