Feriel's BBQ Chicken with Hasselback Sweet Potato and Carrots

BBQ Chicken
Sick And Tired Of Doing BBQ Chicken With Hasselback Sweet Potato The Old Way? Try this… 🍗🍄

My lunch was oven roasted BBQ Chicken with Hasselback sweet potato and carrots and garlic stir-fried mushroom 🍗🍄
2 tablespoons Spur sauce, lemon juice. sweet chili sauce and mild garlic Nandos sauce.
Spice chicken with Robertsons Portuguese spice, BBQ spice, Peri-peri spice and Himalayan pink salt.
Marinade with above.
Cut sweet potato and carrots.
Make small vertical slits all down but not right through potato and carrots.
Drizzle avocado oil over chicken and vegetable.
Roast for 50 min at 190C.
Serve with beetroot and garlic mushrooms.
Prepared, tried and tested Feriel Sonday
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